7 Scary Space Horror Movies Like Prometheus

Scary Space Horror Movies Like Prometheus

Scary Space Horror movies are movies that are set in space and resemble alien creature movies like Prometheus or even the entire Alien franchise. Most of these movies are popular among the fans of the sub-genre but not as popular among mainstream viewers. That being said, since most people reading this have seen a bunch of these already, we’ve tried so hard to look for good alien creature movies that are set exclusively in space. We hope you enjoy the list, let’s begin!

Life (2017)


As a fan of space horror movies like Prometheus, Life may not be your cup of tea, but it’s a decent enough offering. Its star, Daniel Espinosa, pulls off an impressive long take with impressive visual effects, and the film’s establishing shots and views are beautiful. Life’s alien is also pretty nice, and it gradually becomes more complex throughout. The final scare is one of the movie’s most effective moments.

The movie opens with a tense rescue mission, in which the crew of the International Space Station tries to retrieve a Mars sample from a crashed spacecraft. Director Daniel Espinosa uses the space station interior to disorient viewers. A long corridor filled with a strange creature called Calvin makes the movie even more frightening. And while we’re on the subject of space horror films, Life is no exception. But the trailers don’t show us too much of the alien, and the movie’s trailers show how the team behind the movie is working to create the final cut.

Despite the lack of a shocking ending, the film’s atmospherics are impressive, and the performances are top-notch. The film’s cinematography, directed by Seamus McGarvey, looks very cool, albeit in a creepy space-station way. As a whole, Life is well made and accomplishes its objective. If you like the genre, Life may be the right choice for you.

Pandorum (2009)

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If you are looking for a new horror movie to watch, then Pandorum 2009 might be the one for you. This sci-fi horror movie is a mix of monsters, action, and mystery, and while it lacks direction and has a relatively modest cast, the film’s underlying science-fiction concept is intriguing. However, the film’s pacing is off-putting, with jump scares that are less frequent than you’d hope for.

This sci-fi horror movie was directed by Christian Alvart and features a cast of demon-like humans. The story follows astronauts named Payton and Bower in space, a planet with a nuclear reactor that is growing unstable. Humans are overpopulating the planet, causing its resources to deplete, and this has created an unsavory environment for these humanoids to inhabit. The film has 13 jump scares, and the movie contains many jarring quick cuts.

The plot is extremely complex, with two members of the flight crew waking up with partial amnesia and possibly a case of Pandorum. This space-related disorder causes astronauts to experience violent episodes, become hallucinatory, and develop a distorted personality. During this time, both crew members begin to sabotage each other, and the resulting chaos makes them think they’ve lost everything.

Pandorum is an intense sci-fi horror movie that deals with the effects of space madness. When people spend a long time in outer space, they develop a disease called orbital dysfunction. Their reality becomes unrecognizable, their identities become distorted, and logic is nonexistent. Even morality is called into question. The characters in the film wake up from a hypersleep state without any memory of their lives, their mission, or the rest of the ship’s crew.

Event Horizon (1997)

event horizon

If you’re tired of the same old scary movies, try Event Horizon. This 1997 horror film is still very legible, thanks to the brilliant performance by Sam Neill. Although the plot of the film is rather vague, the movie’s setting is a strong point. Its alien starships, reminiscent of those from Alien, are utterly inhospitable and pitiless, with an inescapable sense of mystery and power.

This science-fiction horror movie was released in 1997, with the star cast of Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne. It was compared to films such as Alien, Hellraiser, Solaris, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The story revolves around a rescue crew that is investigating the disappearance of an experimental spaceship. The spaceship was a testbed for an experimental engine, and it accidentally caused a rift in the space-time continuum.

Since the film is still widely regarded as a cult classic, it’s not hard to see why Amazon and Paramount are considering making a TV series based on the 1997 horror movie. It’s unclear whether Anderson will be involved, but the company does have the money to make an out-of-this-world sci-fi horror flick. And if that happens, fans might be able to see Neill reprise his role in it.

In an alternate ending, the Event Horizon is destroyed by a malfunctioning engine and the survivors are trapped in a hellish space environment. In fact, only three people survive, and they may bring evil with them. If this happened, the movie would be far from enjoyable. But the harrowing plot of the Event Horizon would have to keep audiences interested. You can’t just watch it once and expect it to leave you breathless.

Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

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The Cloverfield Paradox is a Netflix original horror movie, and it’s a step down from its predecessor, Cloverfield (2008). This time, however, it’s more of a paranoid thriller with a connection to a giant monster. While you might not expect much from it, there is plenty of horror movie tropes you can expect from it. Read on to learn what they are and whether The Cloverfield Paradox is worth seeing.

Set in 2028, the story opens on a space station orbiting the Earth. Scientists from different countries band together to launch a particle accelerator into space in an attempt to create infinite energy. They succeed but then discover that they’ve been in an alternate dimension. As they try to repair the ship, they find themselves subject to dangerous threats and strange happenings. The plot thickens from there as more of the crew becomes trapped in the strange new dimension.

While it may have a few unnerving moments, The Cloverfield Paradox is definitely a scary and suspenseful movie. It stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Daniel Bruhl, Chris O’Dowd, and Elizabeth Debicki. As a bonus, you won’t be able to see the movie without the help of a friend or family member.

While there’s no doubt that the film is terrifying, the horror part isn’t very effective. The film’s hubristic scientists are playing God. Unlike in other horror films, this one doesn’t defy the laws of nature. It’s all about desperate people trying to save the human race. While the characters are all sincere and sympathetic, they’re also bland and barely developed.

Prometheus (2012)


PROMETHEUS is a highly anticipated sci-fi horror film. The plot revolves around an ancient star system in which human beings are being hunted by aliens. The movie features an all-star cast including Logan Marshall-Green and Noomi Rapace as scientists who want to discover the origin of the human race. However, their research turns up something much worse than they could have imagined – they stumble upon a long-dormant mission to destroy the human race.

The film begins with an introduction to the story of the Prometheus team. They discover that their journey to the planet is part of a larger plan by the Engineers to eradicate the life on Earth. Ultimately, they foil the Engineers’ plans, saving human civilization from extinction. But when the team arrives on the rocky surface of the planet, they are met with a series of surprises. Among them is an ancient underground ruin and secret chambers where the engineers were planning to destroy the human race.

The Prometheus film’s major flaws are its weak storyline, poorly written dialogue, and clunky plotlines. Ridley Scott has a long list of high-profile films under his belt, including Blade Runner and Gladiator. However, his more recent films have lacked the sci-fi feel that the original movies did. Although Prometheus has promising ideas, it’s a movie that ultimately falls short.

Alien Covenant (2017)

alien covenant

When the Covenant reaches Origae-6, a mysterious planet, it realizes it is home to two facehugger embryos. David then regurgitates them and places them in cold storage, along with human embryos. He then begins inspecting the colonists, posing as Walter. The film stars Calli Hernandez as Upworth, Ricks’ wife, and Benjamin Rigby as Ledward.

When the crew tries to contact the Covenant, they’re hampered by ionic interference and an unstable atmosphere, preventing them from breaching the planet’s atmospheric storms. As a result, the crew must reorganize their efforts. Meanwhile, the crew is distracted by a mysterious figure who fires a frightful flare. Eventually, they follow this figure, who takes them to a ruined city and a vast temple. When the crew finds the mysterious figure, they realize that he’s David, an android who was previously destroyed by the Covenant.

While the effects in Alien: Covenant is pretty spectacular, they don’t quite match the high-quality visuals of its predecessor. The creatures are not a threat, but they look clunky, and the storyline is a little too predictable. But if you like horror films, this is definitely one to watch. Alien: Covenant is a far cry from Prometheus, and is an excellent sequel to the original Alien. Despite its flaws, it’s still a fun horror movie that’s worth watching.

In the midst of all this, the film also includes references to some of the great classics of the world. As the sequel to the hit horror film Alien: Prometheus, Alien: Covenant continues the biblical resonance and features a colony/terraforming ship carrying 2,000 colonists and 1,000 embryos in ice. While the crew’s mission is to reach Mount Ararat, it never makes it there. After a neutrino explosion, the ship is destroyed.

Pitch Black (2000)

pitch black cole hauser

“Pitch Black” is a science-fiction horror film directed by David Twohy. The movie stars Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, and Cole Hauser.

The movie begins with a space transport ship crash-landing on an unknown planet that is in the middle of a three-month-long eclipse. The survivors, who are from different walks of life, must work together to survive against the planet’s highly aggressive nocturnal creatures, who are released from the eclipse’s dark shadows.

The movie focuses on the character of Riddick, played by Vin Diesel, who is a dangerous criminal with a mysterious past and supernatural vision. He is a survivor and is determined to be the last one standing. In order to survive, he makes a deal with the other survivors in return for his help.

The movie is an intense and thrilling ride that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. The tension between the survivors and the creatures is palpable and the action scenes are exciting and intense. The special effects are excellent and add to the suspense of the movie.

The movie is a great example of how a science-fiction horror movie can be made with a unique story, excellent production values, and a strong narrative. It also sends a powerful message about the importance of working together in order to survive.

Overall, “Pitch Black” is a must-watch movie for any fan of science-fiction and horror. It is a great example of how these genres can be blended together successfully to create a thrilling and entertaining experience.


Space horror movies and alien creature movies are few and far between. The good ones are even harder to find which is why we have a limited list. Overall, space horror movies have been popular for decades and continue to be a popular genre for fans of the horror genre. With a variety of different films to choose from, there are many truly great space horror movies out there.

From classic cult favorites such as Alien and Event Horizon to modern masterpieces like Pandorum and Life, there is something for everyone in the wide selection of space horror films. Whether you’re into sci-fi, horror, or just a good story, these are some of the best space horror movies to check out.

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