6 Powerful Baki Demon Back Characters Explained

What is the ” Baki Demon Back? “

The Baki Demon Back is built-in with the Hanma bloodline. It is said to be a curse(?) that only members of the Hanma family bloodline can access.Yujiro himself only accessed the Demon Back when he fought against Doppo Orochi and got his ass handed to him. Yujiro saw Baki was witnessing all of this so in turn he turned it up and switched it on.

The thing is, even if Baki is the main protagonist in the series, it’s Yujiro “The Ogre” Hanma, his father who steals the show. His presence just takes the attention of viewers and is kind of unfortunate if this phenomenon is unintentional. Yujiro is just more fascinating and his character just more interesting if we’re being honest.

baki demon back

However, before I get into that, let me provide some context for those unfamiliar with Baki.
Baki is a martial artist who possesses physical strength that exceeds that of ordinary people by an order of magnitude. His goal is to become the strongest fighter in the world and surpass his father Yujiro.

Baki Hanma is a young man who loves to fight. His father, Yujiro Hanma, was the strongest fighter in the world. When Baki was just a child, he witnessed his father’s brutal victory over 100 martial artists. Since then, Baki has been determined to become stronger than his father.

yujiro hanma demon back

To achieve this goal, he has trained with some of the world’s greatest fighters, including Jack Hanma, his elder brother, the current champion of the Underground Arena. Baki is also a talented grappler, and he has won many championships in this discipline. However, his ultimate goal is still to surpass his father’s strength. The anime series “Baki” follows Baki’s journey as he strives to become the strongest fighter in the world.

Baki is a 26-episode anime that aired in Japan from January 8, 2001, to June 25, 2001. It tells the story of Baki Hanma, who is determined to become the strongest fighter in the world. The first season of the anime concludes with Baki’s fight against his father, Yujiro Hanma.

the ogre Yuijiro Hanma

In the anime Baki, the demon back refers to the bloodline of Yuichiro and Yujiro Hanma. These two characters are father and son, and they are both incredibly strong fighters.The demon back refers to the fact that their strength comes from demon blood. This gives them incredible power and speed, and they can take on even the strongest opponents. However, it also makes them very violent and You can see this in the way they fight. They often seem more like animals than humans, and they have no qualms about killing their opponents. This makes them very dangerous fighters, but it also makes them difficult to relate with.

The Hanma Bloodline

Yuichiro Hanma

yuichiro hanma

Yuichiro Hanma is Yujiro’s father and Baki’s grandfather. He is said to be the only fighter Yujiro could not defeat. He was once up against 1000 American soldiers and beat every one of them. But he was the complete opposite of Yujiro”The Ogre” Hanma. This is because he wasn’t obsessed with being the strongest and most dominant fighter in the world, he just was. Being the father of Yujiro and the Hanma Patriarch, it is obvious that he does have the Baki Demon Back.

Yujiro Hanma

yujiro smile

Yujiro Hanma is quite the madman. His demonic-looking features plus his demon back is just as evil as his bloodlust for punishing opponents. Feared by almost the entire fighting landscape, this unstoppable juggernaut fears no one. He is in constant search of that ultimate challenge as he goes all over the world fighting not only humans but beasts and animals alike.

The Ogre “as he is called by many is so obsessed with competition, that he goes all over the world impregnating women just to somehow create a future supply of opponents worthy of his time. He has displayed the Baki Demon Back and popularized it to what it is now.

Jack Hanma

jack hanma

Jack Hanma is Yujiro’s son and Baki’s half-brother. He is quite powerful and has won martial tournaments at the age of 15. It somehow does feel he is a bit underpowered to be a Hanma, as crazy as it sounds. For a Hanma, this dude surely takes a lot of Ls in his life. Make no mistake though, he is only the least powerful amongst the Hanma bloodline in my opinion, which still makes him one of the strongest on earth. He too possesses the baki demon back just for being a Hanma.

Baki Hanma

baki hanma

Baki Hanma is the main protagonist of the whole Baki Anime franchise. He is a decent human being whose only goal is to be the greatest fighter in the world. The only way to achieve that is to beat his own father Yujiro, which is currently titled the “strongest in the world.”

Raised by his mother Emi Akezawa, who was obsessed with his father Yujiro. It was the only reason she raised him to be a great fighter – to impress the love of her life “The Ogre”. He frequently displays his baki demon back in times of great stress in fights.

Pickle (Rumored to be a Hanma)

pickle hanma

Pickle is a prehistoric man frozen in ice discovered by scientists and explorers. Pickle is said to be 8 feet tall and has monstrous physical attributes superior to any human or animal that exists. He is the new character in the ONA series which has got fans excited about how ferocious he’ll be even vs the likes of The Ogre.

I mean, come on, you can’t deny the physical resemblance and there have been rumors that he might be one of the original with theHanma bloodline. If that is true, then you can just imagine the power this dude is packing. This of course will qualify him on the baki demon back list.

Miyamoto Musashi (Another rumored Hanma)

musashi miyamoto

Miyamoto Musashi is the legendary swordsman of feudal Japan. It is still unclear if he has the Hanma bloodline but his depiction in the Baki Manga shows an uncanny resemblance. He also is an extremely skilled fighter, seeking competition his whole life. In this instance, he was cloned and revived using his corpse DNA to create the perfect fighter. Sabuko Tokugawa infused that empty clone with Musashi´s Soul

If our suspicions are correct, he could be another relic of the Hanma Bloodline and possess the Baki Demon Back as well.

How Many Baki Series Are There?

There are 2 OVA releases

“Baki The Grappler: The Ultimate Fighter” (OVA, 1994)

“Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Special Anime” (OVA, 2016)

There are also three anime series

Baki the Grappler (anime series, 2001)

Baki (ONA series, 2018–2020)

Baki Hanma – Son of Ogre (ONA series, 2021–ongoing)

What’s The Difference Between OVA and ONA?

OVA stands for Original Video Animation – Term in Japan for Anime released straight to home video

ONA means Orgininal Net Animation – Anime released straight to streaming services like Netflix, etc.

What Baki Shows Can I Watch On Netflix?

Both Baki ONA releases are now available on Netflix and it looks like another season is coming soon.


Real-Life Demon Back Work Out Gym Routines

Fitness people on social media who are fans of the show are doing their versions of the Baki Demon Back. It’s become somewhat of a relative cultural phenomenon in the fitness world.

Final Words

That’s it folks, the Baki Demon Back origins, and significance. We hope you enjoyed learning about it as much as we did. Baki is an easy Anime to follow because of its simple premise. It’s also about fighting tournaments so it is very entertaining. Go check it out if you can.

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