12 Best Gambling Movies Like Uncut Gems

Best Gambling Movies About Degeneracy

Gambling movies and degenerate gambler stories are one of the most fascinating things to watch. People wonder what triggers these individuals to keep doubling down at the risk of losing everything just to get that rush. Gambling addiction is no different from any other form of addiction, and these movies like Uncut Gems show you why.

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Without further ado, let’s go deep into the best movies about gambling and degeneracy that we’ve watched and enjoyed over the past 2 decades. Let’s begin!

Uncut Gems (2019)

movies like uncut gems

The art-house aesthetic of Uncut Gems works very well for this gambling movie, but its overly dramatic moments and excessive use of f-bombs may leave some viewers cold. The film also features some cinematography, which is a bit overdone but works. While the acting is very good, the script doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. The characters are not as developed as they should be, and some of the dialogue is a bit repetitive.

The premise of Uncut Gems is easy to see, and its central character is somewhat one-note, but there’s still enough intrigue to hold the viewer’s attention. The film is an interesting study of the characters in the jewelry business. It begins in Africa, where two miners chip out pieces of opal rock. The uncut opal is then sent to a jeweler in New York, where it is discovered it will be sold for a record price.

Though Uncut Gems has a dark undercurrent, its underlying message of love, loyalty, and acceptance is uplifting. While it isn’t an award-winning film, it does cement the Safdie brothers as ambitious filmmakers. Aside from starring Kevin Garnett, Uncut Gems also features a stellar cast, including Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael Douglas. You will certainly be entertained!

The Gambler (2014)

gambling movies

James Caan plays Axel Freed, a former English professor at Fordham University who lives for the thrill of gambling. His erratic behavior and need for a quick high drive his desperate attempts to win big in the world of online casino games. Though Freed has scored his fair share of big wins, he always plays to lose rather than to win, and he does so against his better judgment. This makes for a compelling story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

In the film, we meet Jim’s girlfriend, a pretty college student who moonlights as a waitress at Mr. Lee’s casino. She is intrigued by his life as a degenerate gambler, but she does not understand his motivations for doing so. The Gambler 2014 is a highly entertaining movie about gambling and money. The story is an engrossing ride, and we’re happy to recommend it to all fans of escapist flicks.

While this film has a lot of similarities to the original novella, it also has some differences. While there are a few similarities between The Gambler and the Hal Ashby films, The Gambler’s script is more similar to Shampoo and The Last Detail than to the Dostoyevsky original. Those who prefer more realistic characters and less goofy characters should avoid The Gambler.

Rain Man (1988)

rain man

The story of Rain Man begins with Charlie Babbitt, the brother of Raymond Babbitt, an autistic savant. His father has left $3 million in a trust fund for Raymond’s care. Charlie wants to use the money to help Raymond, and in order to get it, he traces Raymond’s history back to an institution he was placed in at the age of two. He subsequently calls Raymond “Rain Man,” and as a result, the two siblings have an emotional and intellectual bond.

Although Rain Man is a biographical film, it is also an eloquent exploration of the emotional state of autistic people. Kim Peek, who played the role of Raymond in the 1988 film Rain Man, had been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as savant syndrome. Her exceptional memory allowed her to perform complex mathematical equations. Although her condition was never fully understood, she was often portrayed as a brilliant genius, and in her movie, Dustin Hoffman played her.

The film draws inspiration from real-life Rain Men and does a great job of providing factual foundations for preposterous skills. In this way, the film is an important vehicle to spread awareness of autism and Savant Syndrome. Unlike other biographical films that skew toward the extreme, this film aims to educate, entertain, and educate. The film has a minor caveat, though: it doesn’t portray Raymond Babbitt as a high-functioning autistic. A lot of autistic people never get to this level of independence.

The Cooler (2003)

the cooler

The Cooler is a film that combines the glitz and glamour of Vegas with the desperation and peril of life in the suburbs. Although directed by Wayne Kramer, this film is a truly dark comedy that features a twist ending and surprising development. In short, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable watch. This surprisingly funny film will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end. The movie is a must-see for any fan of the 90s.

The story follows the unlikely romance of two casino employees, Bernie and Natalie. The uncanny attraction between these two unlikely heroes leads to a whirlwind of mishaps. Bernie’s newfound happiness is misinterpreted by Natalie, who can’t decide what to do with it. Meanwhile, Shelly is trying to keep Larry away from modernization. Ultimately, the plot of The Cooler embraces the unhinging of these three lives and follows their out-of-control trajectory.

William H. Macy plays the role of Bernie Lootz, the unluckiest man in the world. He works at the Shangri-La casino, a casino that prides itself on being “classically” Las Vegas. Fortunately, he isn’t the only one who has this unlucky job. In this case, his co-workers and fellow workers are forced to deal with the “cooler” by way of an ominous omen.

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

before the devil knows youre dead

The movie Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead by Sidney Lumet is one of the most intensely disturbing thrillers of all time. Though it’s thirty years later, this claustrophobic thriller maintains a dark and claustrophobic quality. As a result, it is as tense as any of the director’s filmed plays, but it still retains a humanistic and compassionate quality.

The film also showcases Hoffman’s talent for playing complex moral characters, and he reveals some of his best work in the role. The film is also a compelling thriller for its characters’ sexy, irreverent personalities.

The plot revolves around a man named Hank, a younger brother of Andy. Hank robs a jewelry store that belongs to Charles (Albert Finney) and Nanette (Rosemary Harris). But the man’s crime is not only inflicted on a business, but also on his own family. As their parents own the jewelry shop they were planning to rob since insurance will cover the losses.

When the robbery finally materializes, Hank brings along Bobby, a real criminal who brings a real gun which ends up killing their mother. Hank escapes but now their father is obsessed with finding the people behind it, who are his sons.

Rounders (1998)


Matt Damon played the archetype of a golden boy who wins money by playing poker. In Rounders, he plays poker prodigy Mike McDermott, who loses $30,000 in one hand and tries to pay off his friend Worm, a pimp for Russian mobster Teddy KGB (John Malkovich). This satirical thriller is packed with quotable gambling tropes and a cerebral element.

While online poker and casinos are now a huge industry, Rounders focuses on the underground poker culture of the late twentieth century. The poker hands in Rounders are incredibly realistic and the characters are remarkably based on real-life people. The climax of the movie follows the typical arc of poker movies, with the characters suffering losses, redemption, and heavy price. Despite the low budget, Rounders is worth a watch for anyone interested in poker, regardless of skill level.

Whether you’re a poker pro, a casino owner, or a poker player, you’ll find a scene in Rounders that captivates you. The movie’s action-packed poker scenes are enough to keep you interested in watching the movie over. While you’re at it, don’t miss the memorable chemistry between Edward Norton and Matt Damon. The two will make you want to get out of the house and play poker every night.

Mississippi Grind (2015)

mississippi grind

A degenerate gambler road trip story, Mississippi Grind is the story of Ben Mendelsohn’s (Ryan Reynolds) character, Gerry. It’s an unsettlingly realistic portrait of life in the casino. The film is so well done that you can’t help but feel the stench of half-drunk beer and cigarettes. But while the film is largely successful, it’s hardly perfect. Here are three things to keep in mind when seeing this film:

While the film is an absorbing character study, it can get lost in its own profundity and veer dangerously close to aimlessness in its later half. I was a fan of the film during its early goings, but I couldn’t help but feel let down when I realized it had lost its way. Thankfully, the lull didn’t last long and didn’t detract from the movie’s overall impact. Even though the writing is a little bland at times, I enjoyed Mendelsohn and Reynolds’ chemistry.

Ben Mendelsohn plays a real estate agent who has lost everything waiting for the perfect hand. He’s a good friend but has a lot of money problems, so he makes sure to take some of Gerry’s money. In the meantime, he meets fellow gambler Curtis, who’s smooth and talks great stories. He also buys a glass of bourbon with a high price tag.

The Color of Money (1986)

the color of money

“The Color of Money” is a 1986 action-comedy starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. A sequel to 1961’s “The Hustler,” this film follows the story of a pool shark who comes to a crossroads when he must choose between his career and his family. Martin Scorsese’s film is full of colorful characters and explosive star power. While it may have been filmed in California, the story is set in a small town in Louisiana.

It was the first film in which Welles played a comic role in the same genre as Dean Martin. In fact, Welles was once considered for the role of Dean Martin. However, he decided against it, as De Niro was a more likely choice. While working in Lake Tahoe, Lewis convinced De Niro to take the role. The film’s popularity skyrocketed, and the movie won numerous awards.

Croupier (1999)


The Croupier is an American crime film from 1999 that centers on the world of casinos. The story centers around Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer who takes a job as a croupier. Though Jack remains an observer, he soon becomes entangled in the world of casinos and loses focus on his novel. But can Croupier save the day? Let’s find out. Continue reading to learn more about the film and its plot.

Despite its gloomy outlook on life, Croupier is a well-made crime thriller that has an excellent cast and great material. It captures the ambiance of night-time London well while maintaining an extremely high level of tension. The film was released in 1999 but didn’t receive a major release in the UK, where it was given joint screenings with Get Carter. Despite its lackluster reception, Croupier has now earned a proper re-release.

Hard Eight (1996)

hard eight

Hard Eight is a 1996 crime thriller directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The movie stars Philip Baker Hall as surly gambling pro Sydney, Gwyneth Paltrow as a sexy waitress named Clementine, and John C. Reilly as the gullible loser John Finnegan. The movie also features Samuel L. Jackson as a casino security guard. The plot revolves around a series of events that begins when Sydney takes in a young gambler named John. Eventually, John and Clementine fall for each other and the events in their relationship become far more complicated than just gambling.

Anderson also enlisted the help of a number of well-known artists and musicians for the film. In particular, filmmaker Sean Penn was brought in to assist with scoring Hard Eight, and together he worked with musicians including Jon Brion, a member of ‘Til Tuesday, and Aimee Mann, a solo artist. Hard Eight premiered at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival and at the Historic State Theater, where it grossed $142,000 in its first two weeks.

Owning Mahoney (2003)

owning mahoney

The book Owning Mahoney (2003) is based on a true story involving the embezzlement of $10 million by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce clerk Brian Molony. It was the most successful book of its kind in Canada, and the screenplay was based on it. Brian Molony had access to significant resources and was able to commit the largest single-handed bank fraud in history. The movie is a gripping account of the events that lead to the man’s conviction and subsequent imprisonment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a Canadian bank manager who robs his bank and uses it to fund a gambling habit. He is filmed with a foreign high roller in Atlantic City. But Mahowny doesn’t want free drinks, prostitutes, or barbecue ribs. Instead, he prefers to drive a cheap car and wear a clunky suit. Ultimately, he loses everything.

In 2004, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce took court action to recover funds deposited in the casinos in Atlantic City. The film ultimately settled for an undisclosed amount. The film received several Academy Award nominations, including for Best Motion Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Screenplay (Adapted), and Best Achievement in Music-Original Score, written and directed by Richard Grassby-Lewis.

Two For The Money (2005)

two for the money

Directed by D.J. Caruso, the 2005 sports drama Two for the Money stars Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo, Armand Assante, and Carly Pope. It is about the illegal world of sports gambling, and it was released on October 7, 2005. The film follows the life of Brandon Lang, a retired NFL player who has become a sports handicapper expert. After an injury ends his football career, he begins working as a telemarketer and gets poached by Walter Abrams, the head of a sports consulting operation. Lang tries to find a way out of this bleak situation by learning the ropes, but is unable to do so, and soon ends up in the doghouse.

This film shares some similarities with Martin Scorsese’s Casino, in that it offers insider views of the gambling industry. The characters reminiscent of The Boiler Room, which was also released in 2000, are also present in Two for the Money. They also get a 10% commission on their winnings. Both Brandon and Walter are inducted into sports gambling broking, but the real story behind their addiction is more interesting than their fictional counterparts.

As the story goes, Brandon’s rise to power is more compelling than his fall. But his fall from grace is not nearly as interesting as his rise to power, and the untied ends of the plot lead to a cliche resolution. The film’s main characters are well-cast, but there are some weak spots. Although it has some interesting moments, Two for the Money suffers from the same flaws.

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