Gomorrah Season 5 and The Ciro Di Marzio Defiance

Gomorrah Season 5, Gomorra, and Camorra?

There have been a lot of Italian TV Shows about the mafia before, but somehow this show has managed to generate a lot of new fans abroad. Ciro and Genny have hordes of fans on either “team”. It’s a bittersweet end to what was and is the best foreign crime drama we’ve ever seen.

Known as “Gomorra La Serie ” in Italy, this sleeper classic is a TV adaptation of a book and movie of the same name. For more details, one can refer to its Wikipedia pageSome jokingly claim that this is Italy’s biggest export, as the show has been sold to over 190 countries.

The book was published in 2006 by Roberto Saviano, an Italian journalist who was also part of the series production. His book was so controversial that some crime bosses wanted to have him killed for exposing some of their trade secrets through his books. The movie came out in 2008 and was likewise received very well.

Gomorrah Book Movie Series
The Book, Movie, and TV Series

Is it Based on True Events?

The hit Italian television series Gomorrah is based on his investigative journalistic work on “Camorra “, a real crime organization. Saviano went into hiding and hired private security after getting help from sources that there is a hit order put out on him.

Giuseppe Diana, a parish priest who was murdered by the Camorra for defying them, was once quoted as saying: ” Time has come to stop being a Gomorrah.” ( referring to his parish in Casal Di Principe ).

Vincenzo Esposito, 16, who played Danielino in the series, actually belonged to a real criminal family in Naples when he was cast. Unfortunately, he was arrested for murdering a 21-year-old man in a metro train station with his buddies.

Main Story

The story revolves around the Savastano crime organization headed by Pietro Savastano. He has a wife, Immacolata, and his only child and son, Gennaro Savastano ( Genny ). But the real protagonist is the anti-hero named Ciro Di Marzio, one of Pietro’s lower-level enforcers. Known to many as ” The Immortal “.

The earthquake is God’s will. It is good for the ground.

– Ciro di Marzio gif maker 22
Ciro Di Marzio

Ciro starts from the bottom and rises through the ranks quickly through some skillful manipulation and sheer ambition. You see, Ciro has had brushes with all sorts of life-ending tragedies all his life, but seems to be blessed with luck and the will to survive. His moniker ” The Immortal “, is evident throughout the series as he dodges the constant perils that surround a life of crime.

Secondigliano and its neighboring locations have a lot of clans, alliances, gangs, and foreign groups that intertwine and intersect with each other. It’s hard to keep up with all the names and their connections with one another since most viewers outside of Italy have to contend with subtitles. So we decided to narrow it down to the ones that got the most screen time:

Ciro and Genny
A unique, But Complicated Brotherhood Between Ciro and Genny

Main Factions

  • Savastano Group – Pietro Savastano ( Boss ) – Savastano Patriarch
  • Conte Clan – Salvatore Conte ( Boss ) – Savastano’s bitter rival
  • Confederate – O’ Sorcerer ( Boss ) – Old Cammoristas banding together
  • Alliance – Ciro Di Marzio ( Leader ) – Group of other factions
  • Taliban – Enzo Sangue Blu ( Leader ) – Forcella street gang
  • Levante – Gerlando Levante ( Boss ) – Genny’s uncle on his mom’s side
  • Genny’s Band – Genny Savastano ( Leader ) – Genny’s group
  • Don Vincenzo Carignano – An old boss in the outskirts of Naples

Lady Bosses of Gomorrah

  • Immacolata Savastano – Matriarch of the Savastano Group
  • Scianel – Lady Boss of the Alliance
  • Patrizia – Pietro’s errand girl who eventually becomes a boss.
  • Azzura – Genny’s wife whose father is a crime boss in Rome
  • Donna Luciana – Mistral’s manipulative wife
  • Donna Nunzia – Don Vincenzo’s wife

The Best Things About Gomorrah the TV Series

The cinematography is immersive, as most crime series tend to be. This one though has a little extra to it since they did a great job of showing the double-sided world of organized crime. From lavish residences and hotels to the dirtiest ghettos in Naples.


The mostly electronic music used as a score was a pleasant surprise. At first, it throws you off since most crime dramas hardly ever use that particular genre. But as the show moves along it does bring a fresh, but deeply emotional appeal to some memorable scenes and outros.

Gomorrah Season 5 Theme

Gomorrah has tons of action while maintaining a well-developed, but complex storyline. This is a common feature in almost all great crime dramas worth remembering.

The casting is exceptional. Being a foreign film does have the advantage of viewers not being distracted by personalities and focusing more on the characters themselves.

Gomorrah is ultra-violent and unapologetic, but you start rooting for these extremely flawed characters towards the end since they’re almost all fleshed out in their motivations. You get to know them very well by the time the series ends.

Who Killed Ciro D’ Marzio?

  • Earthquake – When he was young but survived
  • Bombing – By Conte’s henchmen but survived
  • Assassination – By Pietro and Gennaro Savastano but survived
  • Gunshot – By Enzo blue but survived
  • Kidnapping Torture – By Latvian gang but survived
  • Gunshot – By Dona Nunzia’s henchmen – Ciro dies.

Watch on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

You can watch it on both HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. Don’t forget to turn on English subtitles unless you speak Italian. Sadly, Netflix users will have to wait a little longer. For people who can’t have access to HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video, there’s always the VPN option.

Main Cast of Characters

  • Salvatore Esposito as ” Gennaro Savastano
  • Marco D’ Amore as ” Ciro Di Marzio
  • Ivana Lotito as ” Azurra Avitable “
  • Christiana Dell’Anna as ” Patrizia “
  • Alessandro Palladino as ” O’ Belle’ Bbuono “
  • Fortunato Cerlino as ” Pietro Savastano “
  • Arturo Muselli as ” Enzo Sangue Blu “

The Immortal HBO Max spin-off movie

The Immortal
Ciro ” The Immortal” Di Marzio

In season 4 the producers decided to create a type of movie spin-off to bridge seasons 4 to 5. We strongly suggest watching this movie after watching Season 4. This is to fill the information gap between the two seasons which will make starting Season 5 very confusing.

This movie spin-off was just the showrunner’s reaction to an enormous clamor by fans to have certain storylines revised. The movie and revision still worked out wonderfully and fans loved it.

For people who would like to try out some fun polls about the show click here. We promise not to give away too much to not spoil the viewing experience if you ever do decide to finally enter the world that is Gomorrah.


Q: What is the significance of Gomorrah Season 5?

A: Gomorrah Season 5 serves as a direct sequel to the events of the previous seasons, continuing the story of the criminal underworld in Naples.

Q: Is Ciro Di Marzio a central character in Season 5?

A: Yes, Ciro Di Marzio remains a crucial character in Season 5, despite his defiance and complex relationships with other characters.

Q: How does Season 5 differ from the prequel and a sequel?

A: Season 5 of Gomorrah acts as both a prequel and a sequel, delving into the origins of characters while also progressing the overall storyline.

Q: Do I need to watch the previous seasons to understand Season 5?

A: While it’s beneficial to have a background on the characters and storylines, Gomorrah Season 5 offers a variety of new plots and developments that can be enjoyed independently.

Q: Where can I find more information about Gomorrah Season 5?

A: For in-depth coverage and analysis of Gomorrah Season 5, you can visit reputable entertainment websites like

Q: Are there any external links to explore related to Gomorrah Season 5?

A: Yes, for additional resources and content related to Gomorrah Season 5, you can click on external links provided by the official CineSnipe website.

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