Battle Beast Invincible Season 2?

Enter Battle Beast a.k.a “Thokk”

Battle Beast

Battle Beast Invincible seems to be a recurring character by the looks of it and hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of him in the seasons to come. Known and feared throughout the galaxy as “Thokk”, this mysterious character has got a lot of fans really interested.

Known and feared all throughout the galaxy as “Thokk” a.k.a Battle Beast, this feline-looking supervillain looks for adversaries to do battle with. He only takes pleasure in duels vs opponents that are equal or far greater than his.

He easily disposes of Invincible and the entire Teen Team and spares only very few of them. In the comic, he is said to have fought Thragg, the ultimate Viltrumite leader and the rumored strongest of them all.

Invincible is an animated series by Amazon adapted from a popular comic book from Image Comics written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). Its voices are done by some notable actors like J.K. Simmons (Nolan Grayson a.k.a Omni Man) and Stephen Yuen (Mark Grayson) and Sandra Oh (Debbie Grayson). The series had widespread critical acclaim. Since then the franchise has become very popular with hardcore fans wanting another season as soon as possible.

invincible comic and series

The story begins with Mark Grayson, a typical high school student who goes through the normal challenges of high school life. Meeting girls, hanging out with friends, struggles with studies, and everything that goes with it. Mark has the most normal life except for the fact that he is the Son of Omni Man, the most powerful superhero on earth.

debbie mark and nolan grayson

Things start to change when after his 17th birthday he develops superpowers of his own. He discusses it with his father and mother (Debbie) but they just trivialize it and don’t take it seriously. Mark wants to be popular like his father or any other high school kid, so he constantly tests out his new skills.

omni man and mark

As the story develops even further, Mark decides to become “Invincible” a part-time superhero of sorts, just helping people in distress and meeting other superheroes (the earth has many of them). He’s had some successes and failures and fumbles into situations with some degree of hilarity. He eventually gets some recognition from other superheroes like the Guardians of the Globe.

During one of Invincible’s great battles with villains, he encounters a lot of formidable opponents including Battle Beast. A mysterious character who looks like a lion creature who seeks out powerful opponents worthy enough of his attention. He beats Invincible almost to death but leaves some of his allies from the Teen Team for wasting his time. This villain seems to be a recurring character by the looks of it and hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of him in the seasons to come.

guardians of the globe
Guardians of the Globe

Things get confusing when Omin Man, earth’s strongest superhero, and Mark’s father, starts murdering a couple of members of the Guardians of a Globe for no clear reason. He lured them into a meeting and starts attacking them with vicious intent. There are no witnesses and remains a mystery to everybody including Mark and Debbie (who is now suspicious of Omni Man’s strange behavior).

Invincible and Omni Man team up to fight some monsters and are taken by surprise by Immortal’s arrival, one of the Guardian of the Globe’s members who Omni Man had killed. A great three-way battle ensues between the monsters, Invincible and Omni Man, and Immortal attacking only Mark’s father exclusively. Omni Man eventually disposes of him and reveals a bombshell to Mark.

Nolan Grayson reveals that he is a Viltrumite. An alien super-race of conquerors whose mission is to control populations of planets all over the galaxy. Any sort of resistance will be met with death and extermination. Mark is dumbfounded by this and tries to reason with his father until both reach a point wherein they have to fight each other. This results in an ultra-violent affair with devastating casualties to many innocent civilians which horrifies Mark even further. Mark eventually loses the fight which sets the tone for the most gut-wrenching scene in the show ever – The infamous ” Think Mark Think ” scene which had gone meme viral.

“Think Mark Think”

Invincible Season 2 Release Date

There is still no clear date as to which when the second season will air, but the announcement for a second season has been over a year now. It’s also been mentioned that Steven Yuen who plays the voice for Mark Grayson, has been back in the recording booth.

Some critics complain about the abundance of so much graphic violence in the animated series. But fans feel it gives the show more realism and sets it apart from your typical superhero trope. The characters are also fleshed out very well, giving most of their motivations for doing and believing what they do. There are a couple of characters who remain in the grey, not everything here is completely in black and white like most superhero stories.

Invincible Season 1 was amazing. It had all the elements of a modern superhero movie but it had a lot more depth in the main characters. What appeared to be another comic to series adaptation turned out to be an emotional journey into manhood and what a family is.

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