5 Explosive Die Hard Movies in Order

die hard movies in order

Die Hard Movies in Order

Let us show you Die Hard movies in order from 1988 to 2013. The movie timelines align with the Die Hard movies in order of release date so it’s easier to follow.

How Many Die Hard Movies Are There?

There have been five Die Hard movies so far and a sixth movie had been planned for a couple of years now but since has been shelved. The movie title “Die Hard Year One“, a prequel was also tagged as “McClane” in some sources.

Die Hard (1988)

how many die hard movies are there

The film is about an NYPD cop, John McClane, who is on Christmas vacation in Los Angeles with his wife Holly, who works for the Nakatomi Corporation. On Christmas Eve, a group of international terrorists takes over the Nakatomi corporation’s headquarters, where they plan to conduct a lucrative heist. John McClane must take action and save the hostages in the building before the terrorists can do more damage.

In the film, a truck laden with C4 explodes, destroying the floor below and stopping the terrorists. The truck is surrounded by ten other heavily armed hi-tech terrorists. The first of these, Hans Gruber, is an ex-member of the radical Volksfrei movement in West Germany.

It’s a classic action film that spawned five sequels. The films were enjoyable but failed to achieve the same high-quality standards as their predecessors. However, the finale of the movie was disappointing, a clunky nostalgia cash bait. If you love Bruce Willis as John McClane, you’ll probably enjoy the franchise’s first film.

Despite being a low-budget film, Die Hard received positive reviews from critics. While early reviews focused on the violence and plot, they were also critical of Willis’ performance, director McTiernan’s direction, and actor Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Hans Gruber. Die Hard eventually made over $140 million, making it the highest-grossing action film ever and spawning a franchise.

Die Hard 2 (1990)

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While the original movie is a classic, the sequel is even bigger. This time, McClane races snowmobiles against terrorists, and he uses his ejector seat to escape an exploding airplane’s cockpit. It is a great example of how a franchise can grow, and this sequel does not disappoint.

The first film in the series, Die Hard, was so successful that a sub-genre of action movies was born. This film is a “Die Hard in an airport.” The second film in the series follows John McClane’s efforts to foil a terrorist plot to get Franco Nero out of the country. Die Hard 2 is a thriller packed with twists, red herrings, and traps, as he foils terrorists with his tenacity and dumb luck.

In Die Hard II, the protagonist, Lieutenant John McClane, carries a Beretta 92FS. His weapon of choice is a Beretta, and this sidearm is not unlike those used by the LAPD and Washington Dulles Airport Police. This weapon was a standard issue for LAPD at the time, and McClane is seen carrying it throughout the film.

Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)

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After the events of Live Free or Die Hard, the series is set in New York City and follows the police detective John McClane. The bombing in New York paralyzes half the city. When McClane’s suspension from the NYPD is confirmed, he is asked to go back on the force and wear a sign saying “I hate black people.” But thanks to the kindness of a shopkeeper, he survives the ordeal.

Simon Gruber is the brother of the original film’s Hans Gruber, a Nazi terrorist-turned-burglar. He harbors a grudge against John McClane and a fellow thief. Although the plot is not entirely original, it is a fun ride. Irons, as usual, injects personality into the role, which makes the movie entertaining. He uses an elaborate revenge plot to distract from his real scheme, which is to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of billions of dollars in gold.

Despite being a sequel to the original film, Die Hard with a Vengeance is an enjoyable, fast-paced action thriller. Although there are several differences between the first two, the movie manages to stay true to the style, themes, and tone of the original film. It has a lighter touch and more wisecracks than the first film. The film is still a thrilling ride, but it does contain a higher dose of humor and wisecracks. The storyline is a little less complicated, and the characters are still very well defined.

As with the first film, Die Hard With a Vengeance is more about New York City than it is about stopping a heist. The movie depicts the city’s dark streets and crowded subways beautifully. The movie’s title refers to its main character, John McClane, who once represented the NYPD. The movie’s sequel, Die Hard II, saw the same character working for the LAPD, but this time, he’s back for the NYPD.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

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The movie Live Free or Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, is a modern action film classic. The film follows John McClane, a New York City police officer who is framed for a terrorist plot and must find out who framed him before the government takes him out. The movie is filled with exciting action sequences, hilarious dialogue, and a star-studded cast. It has become a modern classic and is accessible to audiences of all ages.

A Good Day To Die Hard (2013)

a good day to die hard

Die Hard is back with Bruce Willis starring in A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth installment in the popular action thriller series. The film is directed by John Moore and written by Skip Woods. The film follows John McClane as he is caught up in a global terrorist plot in Russia. Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead also star in the movie. There are also some notable cameos by Anna Faris and Jasmine Tookes.

Here John McClane gets to meet and team up with his son Jack who works with the CIA as an undercover agent and is wrongfully accused of an assassination attempt. John then flies to Russia to help his son out of this mess and both father and son team-up.

Where To Watch All Die Hard Movies?

You can watch all Die Hard movies at Peacock Premium or Premium Plus.

When will Die Hard Year One Be Released?

The Die Hard Year One movie has been officially cancelled for now.

Best Die Hard Quotes

1.“Yippee-ki-yay mfker”

2. “You throw quite a party. I didn’t realize they celebrated Christmas in

3. “Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister.”

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