9 Devastating Types of Titans in the AOT Anime


The types of Titans in Attack on Titan (AOT) are different from each other. The following are some of the main differences between each type. Learn more about the different Titan types and their characteristics in Attack on Titan. Once you have a clear understanding of each type, you can attack it!

The first half of the story of the AOT timeline takes place on Paradis Island. Within Paradis lies three concentric Walls that seemingly contain the last remnants of civilization: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sheena. 

Wall Maria is the outermost wall, approximately 50 meters in height. Shiganshina District, home to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, is located on the southern edge of the Walls. The story takes off when the Colossus Titan breaches the front gate of Shiganshina, allowing Titans to enter and forcing residents to retreat behind Wall Rose. 

Approximately 100 kilometers from Wall Maria is Wall Rose, the second outermost wall. There are four districts in Wall Rose: Trost District, Utopia District, Krolva District, and Karanes District. 

Wall Sheena, 130 kilometers from Wall Rose, is the innermost wall where the king and other noblemen reside. The cities in Wall Sheena are protected by the Military Police that serves the king. Mitras is its capital, and it is where nobility resides and where government affairs take place. There are also four districts in Wall Sheena: Stohess District, Ehrmich District, Olbd District, and Yarckel District.

9 Types of Titans And Characters Who Inherited The Ability

Founding Titan – Inherited by Ymir And Karl Fritz, Also Eren Yaeger

types of titans

The Founding Titan is said to be the first Titan. It can manipulate both humans and Titans. In the final episode of the series, Eren will be able to use this power. The Founding Titan also has the ability to use the Colossal Titan. Bertholdt has used this power to wreck walls. Eren will also use this power to defeat the Colossal Titan.

Another ability of the Founding Titan is the ability to change the body composition of the Subjects of Ymir. He used this ability 600 years ago to make his Subjects immune to the epidemic. He also used his power in his euthanization plans for Zeke. The Eldians were unable to give birth to new Ymirs because Zeke was trying to prevent the cycle of hatred that plagues the world. However, the power to change the body composition of a subject was a powerful tool for the Founding Titan.

The Founding Titan is the second-largest Titan in the Attack of the Titian series. He is 120 meters tall and emits tons of steam. He is also capable of destroying a naval fleet or a city with his powerful attacks. While he is much taller than the Attack Titan, his strength and agility are limited. However, this does not stop him from performing devastating attacks. In the manga series, the Founding Titan is said to be between 200 and 250 meters tall, making him the second-largest Titan in the series

Armored titan – Inherited By Reiner Braun

armored titan

The Armored Titan is the sixth of the Nine Titans in Attack of Titan. This Titan has armored plates that protect it from significant damage. This armored skin even breaks the ultrahard steel blades of vertical maneuvering equipment and was able to withstand the Colossus Titan’s explosive transformation. The Armored Titan’s armor did have its limits, however; it wasn’t very effective against high-powered weaponry. Nevertheless, it was an excellent choice for physical protection and offensive damage.

The Armored Titan is a colossal creature that stands 15 meters tall and resembles a human. Its armor is made up of hardened plates that cover its entire body, acting as a natural defense against external attacks. While this armor-covered body helps to protect the Armored Titan from attacks, it can’t protect its joints, which are still largely unprotected. However, this Titan still has powerful weaponry and can smash buildings with ease.

Attack Titan – Eren Yaeger

attack titan

The Attack Titan has several unique features. It has fleshless jaws and muscular structures. It is not known what powers it possesses, but it does have some unique powers. The abilities of this Titan depend on who inherited it, as Eren Jaeger was the first person to possess it after defeating Lara Tybur. Here are some details on the Attack Titan. The Attack Titan is the strongest of the four Titans.

The main character of the game, Eren Jaeger, must use his special gift to fight the titan race. He must team up with the military to defeat the titans and save mankind. The series is set in a world where mankind is threatened by man-eating monsters who are set on destroying the last vestiges of human civilization. Luckily, the heroes of Attack of the Titan are at the forefront of the fight against these terrifying monsters.

Beast Titan – Inherited By Tom Ksaver

beast titan

The Beast Titan, sometimes called Monkey Titan by some, has an animal-like appearance and exhibits animal characteristics depending on its user. It has also exhibited animal traits common to various species. Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan assumed an ape-like form when it was transformed from Falco’s spinal fluid. It also possessed falcon-like epithets and was capable of throwing objects with great accuracy. The Beast Titan has the ability to cause havoc and destroy buildings and objects and has powerful weaponry.

The Beast Titan is one of the largest Titans of the Nine. While the Beast Titan is larger than most other Titans, it also retains sapience. It also has access to many special abilities common to Titans and unique to the Beast. The Beast Titan is also able to turn humans into Titans – similar to Zeke’s Founding Titan ability. The Beast Titan can also control the minds of people to make them stronger.

Cart Titan – Inherited by Pieck Finger

cart titan

The Cart Titan is a quadrupedal, fast-moving titan with high endurance. Compared to other Nine Titans, this Titan can continue long missions without taking any rest. This Titan also has high absorption resistance, enabling it to retain its Titan appearance for long periods. Its quadrupedal form also allows it to carry heavy armaments. The Cart Titan is more useful for long-range missions into enemy territory.

The Cart Titan is similar to the Jaw Titan in appearance and speed but has far more agility. It can catch Levi and Hange and even rip their napes off instantly. It can be used to defend comrades by keeping them out of harm’s way. It can also be used as a defensive tool against the Shifter Titans. This titan is very effective against a range of enemies. If a Titan gets too close to another Titan, he can easily kill him.

Pieck’s Cart Titan, also known as the “Cart Titan,” stands out from the other Nine Titans. Because of its quadrupedal form, he may forget how to walk normally and crawl like the Cart Titan. The Cart Titan’s name may have been a result of Pieck, who often crawled when he was surrounded by only a few people. He also used crutches to help him move around.

Colossal Titan – Inherited by Bertolt Hoover and Armin Arlert

colossal titan

The Colossal Titan is the biggest titan in the game, and he is triple the size of any other Titan. The Colossal Titan appears during the story mode, in missions that advance the plot. As a result, it can be attacked with weapons placed along the wall it has torn down. However, the Colossal Titan also appears during the endgame battle. Unlike other titans, the Colossal Titan is not as easy to kill as the other Titans in the game.

Armin is the last Colossal Titan, and he reads a letter from Historia, explaining the current state of the government of Paradis. Although the ambassadors are skeptical of Armin’s mission, he has faith that the people of Paradis will listen to reason if they see their former enemies working together. However, the Colossal Titan crushes Ilse’s skull during the battle.

Unlike other creatures, the Colossal Titan can control the amount of energy released during its transformation. The Titan releases varying explosions when it transforms. This energy can range from a minor gust of wind to a miniature nuclear explosion.

Female Titan – Inherited By Annie Leonhart

female titan

The Female Titan first appears during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls, when Annie and Eren Yeager follow her trail. After a series of encounters, they convince Eren to engage with her in Titan form. The female Titan roars at Levi, prompting multiple Titans to congregate and eat Annie’s Titan form. Annie manages to escape with the help of her Omni-directional mobility gear, but not before provoking several other Titans to join the fray.

As a female Titan, she is tall and physically proportionate to her male counterpart. She is also adept at hand-to-hand combat, which likely comes from her Titan controller, who is famous for his intense training. As a child, Annie was formally trained by her father. She eventually defeated Eren at the 104th Training Corps and graduated 4th.

The Female Titan is trained by her father, who sends her on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis. She is accompanied by Reiner Braun, Bertholt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard. She serves as the major antagonist of the series and is a frequent target of the Azumabito Engineers. When defeated, she encases herself in solid crystal and is imprisoned in it for 4 years. However, she is eventually freed and rejoins the ranks of the Titan Alliance.

During the anime series, the Female Titan is the most intelligent of the three. She can speak and understand human language and possesses the Coordinate power. This ability allows her to control other Titans. She has the ability to manipulate them to get what they want. As an unreliable person, she must use it to her advantage. In this way, she can use her new abilities to kill other Titans.

Jaw Titan – Inherited by Ymir, Falco Grice, And Porco Gallard

jaw titan

The Jaw Titan is an unnamed descendant of the Founding and is a powerful, yet small titan. His claws and teeth give him great speed and agility, and his jaw is able to crush anything in its path. In Attack of Titan, the Jaw Titan attacks Marley, the planet of the Eldian Warrior race, and kills the Warrior candidate Marcel Galliard. Reiner Braun was sent to find the Founding Titan, but he is consumed by Ymir, a pure Titan.

Porco Galliard was the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. After consuming Ymir, he inherited the Jaw Titan and seemed certain to inherit the Armored Titan as well. However, when Reiner came to the realization that Marcel had swayed Marley against him, Porco was deeply moved. Afterward, he was saved by Falco, a newly-turned Titan, who had acted in Marley’s best interest. This made the Jaw Titan the one who remained loyal to Marley.

War Hammer Titan – Inherited By Lara Tybur and Eren Yaeger

war hammer titan

The Warhammer titan has abnormalities. This means that its ability to build structures is severely restricted. The first fight he had against a Tybur titan resulted in his death. He was unable to build anything else because his special hardening had exhausted all of his energy.

It is believed that a member of the Tybur family possessed this titan. Because of these abnormalities, the Warhammer Titan was almost impossible to kill. It has a human counterpart beneath its feet. This connection is made through a fleshy umbilical cord straight from eXistenZ or Videodrome.

2 Different Subset Of Regular Titans

Abnormal Titan

abnormal titan

How do you describe the Aberrant Titan on Attack on Titan? What is its main power? In the anime, the Abnormal Titan appears after the breach in the Wall Rose, where a Colossal Titan tries to consume those inside it. As the Titans invade Trost headquarters, the Abnormal Titan appears to battle off the hordes of Titans and allows Jean to enter and resupply.

The Abnormal Titan has different abilities and characteristics than the regular Titan. It is smaller than the normal titan and can ignore small groups of humans. Unlike the normal titans, the Abnormal Titan can use speech and emotion to strategize an attack on its prey. This makes it a more dangerous monster than a normal Titan. The Anime and Manga series is still in development, but Season 3 has already revealed the origin of the Titans.

Normal Titan

pure titan

The normal Titan exhibits some animal characteristics and is not as large as the Colossal Titan. Their external anatomy is human-like, but their bodies are devoid of genitalia. Titans derive energy from the sun, and when they don’t receive it, they are dormant. Despite this, Titans respond to light sensory stimuli and do not perceive extreme injuries. This allows them to be very versatile and useful in combat. The normal Titan in the Attack on Titan anime is a person of ordinary size who was turned into a Titan by a mysterious force.

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