The Top Esports Fixtures You Will Enjoy In 2023

Top Esports Fixtures

As the esports industry grows in strength and popularity, followers are excited about what 2023 has in store. Will there be more big winners and eye-watering cash prizes? Will the live coverage continue to expand? Who are the new talented players? Can the record-breaking sponsorship deals from the best online sportsbooks continue to prop up professional esports?

The technology used in the esports industry will also have a big say in how the players perform, the finances, and how fans follow their favorite competitions, teams, and players. The rise of esports has been incredible, but it’s not over yet. 2023 will be the most crucial year in the pro gaming industry’s development. And we can’t wait to get started. 

But here’s another question. Are you ready? If you like to keep up to speed with esports and its developments, we have a treat for you in this article. Our team of esports writers flags up three massive tournaments worth adding to your diary—the kind of competition any fan won’t want to miss. And there’s more. 

We also explain how you can get a free bet on esports using your smartphone. We’re biased, but that’s everything you need to know about esports today. Let’s get started.

League of Legends

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LOL is the most popular title in esports and provides some thrilling fixtures for the coming year. The League of Legends Worlds 2023 will be played in South Korea on a date yet to be confirmed. The best players on the planet will be in attendance for a tournament loved by gamers, fans, and broadcasters.

LOL Worlds have provided followers with lasting memories over the years, and this year’s edition could be the best yet. We saw the Worlds smash all previous records held on esports viewing figures, and even better will be seen this year. Early indications suggest League of Legends Worlds 2023 will pull in more viewers, attract a higher caliber of players, and be on more streams than before. Are you ready to enjoy the show?

You can make predictions on the winner of this year’s tournament or have your say on a game. The leading sportsbooks offer plenty of betting markets and generous odds, promotions, and specials. There’s something for everyone.


This fixture is as exciting and popular as League of Legends Worlds. The International 2023 is a celebration of all things Dota 2 and has been an annual celebration enjoyed by many. The quality of play increases each season, and this year’s renewal will be up there with the best of them.

The International boasts the biggest prizes in esports and pulls in a global audience. The figures on offer are stunning, with over $40,000,000 in prize money. Team Spirit was the winner last year and will be back to defend its title later this year. No date has been confirmed, but the International will be after summer, in the year’s second half. There is currently no location set either.

Global Championship


The Fortnight Global Championship is a favorite of fans and players worldwide, which will be evident in this year’s renewal of the Global Championship. Viewed as the World Cup of Fortnight, a life-changing sum of cash is available to the best players, with the 2019 winner collecting a $3m check. That kind of cash gets gamers talking.

In the approach to the Global Championship, organizers will host three open competitions, with the best players invited to compete in the globals. The teams yet to qualify after those three tournaments then meet in a last-group standing match to secure a slot in Copenhagen. The exact dates have yet to be released. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcement.

Esports free bets

Fancy betting on any of the esports competitions mentioned above? You can make predictions at the leading online sportsbooks accepting new players in your region today. If you are a dedicated gamer or fan of esports, you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

To land a free bet on esports, join the online bookie of your choice by registering an account. Make your first deposit and place a bet on the esports fixture that catches your eye.

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