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ESO Races

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Which are the best ESO races? The Elder Scrolls Online is an expansive virtual world known for its rich lore and detailed stories. For over two decades, the game has provided players with a deep and immersive experience. With so much to explore, it is no wonder that ESO’s races have become beloved by fans the world over. This article will take readers on a journey through ten of these unique species, providing an in-depth look at their origins and cultures.

From the humanoid Dunmer of Morrowind to the feline Khajiit from Elsweyr, each race has its own set of virtues and traits that make them special. Through allusion to ancient myths and modern-day tales, readers will gain insight into how these species interact with one another and how they fit into the grand scheme of ESO’s vast universe.

Finally, this article will provide an overview of what sets each race apart from one another and how they can be used to create interesting characters and engaging storylines in-game. By understanding these races and their histories, players can use their knowledge to craft an unforgettable experience within the Elder Scrolls Online universe.

High Elf

eso high elf

The High Elf, or Altmer, is one of the 10 distinct races in The Elder Scrolls Online. This ancient race has a long and contentious history with other races and alliances that have come and gone throughout time. As a result, they have developed a unique set of passives related to this history. To truly understand the High Elf one must take a dive into their culture and the events that have shaped them.

A key component of the High Elf is their prideful nature, which often places them at odds with other races and allies. This can be seen as far back as the first era when they were known as Aldmer, who attempted to dominate all other races through military force and magic. Despite their aggressive tactics, they were eventually thwarted by alliances that had formed against them. Even after this defeat, Altmer continued to remain proud and independent from most other races for centuries afterward.

This same prideful detachment from others is seen in the passives of High Elves today; they are resistant to most negative magic effects due to their magical knowledge, but also receive bonuses in Magicka regeneration when near allies of any race or alliance. This reflects their desire to remain independent of others while still being able to rely on those same allies should they need it. Altmer is also rewarded for using destruction magic which further displays their proficiency with magic despite some setbacks in past eras.

Despite their sometimes contentious relationships with other races or alliances, High Elves remain a powerful force in The Elder Scrolls universe – both through their magical abilities and independent spirit – making them an important part of any player’s journey through Tamriel. These characteristics will continue to shape how players interact with Altmer moving forward as they discover more about this ancient race’s role in ESO’s world-building story and its impact on the lives of other races.

Wood Elf

eso wood elf

Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are a unique race of elves that have evolved over thousands of years in the forests of Tamriel. Lacking the grandeur and nobility of their High Elf cousins, Wood Elves appear to outsiders as uncivilized forest dwellers with an affinity for nature. In reality, they are deeply connected to the wilderness and live in harmony with its many inhabitants.

In contrast to the other races of Tamriel, Wood Elves have an unusual relationship with both humans and animals alike. They maintain an almost symbiotic bond with the creatures of their woods; freely trading goods and services and even exchanging knowledge when necessary. This connection led to the development of several Wood Elf-exclusive magical abilities such as animal summoning and druidic magic.

What’s more, Wood Elves possess a unique sense of humor which is often seen as comical by those unfamiliar with it. It’s worth noting that this humor isn’t meant to be offensive or cruel – rather, it is a form of communication used by Wood Elves to express themselves without words. This humorous approach can also be used as a means of diplomacy between different races when words fail them.

The Wood Elf culture is one steeped in tradition and honor; they take great pride in their heritage and fiercely protect their home from any outside threats. Their customs may seem strange to outsiders but their loyalty cannot be questioned – once you have earned their trust there is no higher honor than being accepted into their clan.

Dark Elf

eso dark elf

Dark elves, also known as Dunmer, are one of the ten races of the Elder Scrolls Online that inhabit the continent of Tamriel. A strange irony is that, despite their dark skin and ash-colored hair, they are actually well known for their bright blue eyes. They have a long and storied history; having once been part of a powerful empire that has since been destroyed by war and strife.

The Dunmer are renowned for their strength in magic; they are masters in the use of elemental destruction Magicka, which allows them to manipulate fire, lightning, and other elements with ease. They are also highly skilled warriors who excel at close-quarters combat. Their culture is deeply rooted in tradition and honor — something which many of their neighbors find intimidating.

The Dunmer have an unyielding sense of pride for their homeland – Morrowind – which is often seen as an obstacle when dealing with other races. Despite this trait, they are incredibly loyal to their friends and allies, making them reliable companions in times of need. The Dunmer make up a significant portion of the population on Vvardenfell Island in Morrowind and continue to shape its future through hard work and determination.

Their resilience has served them well over the centuries; however, it also puts them at odds with those who seek to exploit or oppress them. As citizens of Tamriel, the Dark Elves remain a force to be reckoned with; though they may come across as serious or even stoic at times, beneath it all lies a fierce spirit that will not be denied. With such strength comes great potential — potential that awaits those willing to take up arms against injustice and ensure all people can live free from oppression no matter where they come from or what race they may be. Transitioning into Argonian…


eso argonian

A truly majestic race, the Argonians are one of the unique species of Tamriel. Standing tall and proud, their reptilian anatomy gives them an air of strength and resilience. With scaly skin in shades ranging from light green to deep black and yellow eyes that shimmer like gold, these creatures seem almost otherworldly. Moreover, their elongated heads come with a range of horns that protrude from their skulls, another feature that adds to their distinctiveness.

In addition to being visually striking, Argonians have a number of fascinating qualities that make them stand out among the other races of Tamriel. For one thing, they are incredibly adept at swimming and navigating through water-filled environments. This is due to their natural resistance to diseases and poisons found in water sources – an evolutionary adaptation that has enabled them to survive for many years without being affected by these elements. Furthermore, Argonians possess a regenerative ability known as Histskin which allows them to heal wounds much faster than other races – an impressive feat not seen elsewhere in Tamriel’s inhabitants.

The culture of the Argonian people is also quite diverse when compared to the other species living in Tamriel. They practice ancestor worship and value strong family ties above all else; this can be seen in their social structures where elders are given high respect and loyalty is prized over other values. Additionally, they tend to be more spiritually connected with nature than most other races – something which often manifests itself in their art forms such as music or dance.

Argonians are truly a remarkable race whose uniqueness shines through every aspect of their lives – from physical features down to cultural customs. They may not always be easy for outsiders to understand but this only adds another layer of intrigue for those willing to learn about them more deeply.

With a rich history spanning hundreds of years and a unique set of abilities unlike any other species on Tamriel, the Argonians remain one of its most fascinating inhabitants. Seamlessly transitioning into Khajiit culture now reveals even more about this amazing race…


eso khajiit

Cats of the Desert, Khajiit is one of the many races of Tamriel. Originating from Elsweyr, they are a feline humanoid species with a strong affinity for the sun and moon. A nomadic people, their culture is based on their belief in two moons: Masser and Secunda. This dualistic nature imbues the Khajiit with strength, resilience, and agility that allows them to survive in any environment.

The Khajiit are renowned for their unique physical features, which vary from region to region depending on environmental factors. Some have fur while others have scales; some have extra-long tails while some may have no tails at all. They also possess excellent night vision due to their innate nocturnal habits. Notable facial characteristics include wide eyes and a wide jawline that gives them an almost lion-like appearance.

The Khajiit are renowned merchants who have developed an intricate trade network throughout Tamriel, allowing them to travel long distances without having to rely on traditional transportation methods. This has further strengthened their reputation as shrewd traders and negotiators who can always be found in bustling marketplaces or haggling over prices with customers and merchants alike.

A resourceful race, Khajiit is highly adaptable and often takes up professions such as thievery or bounty hunting in order to make ends meet. Their nomadic lifestyle has also made them keen observers of the world around them; they know how to recognize potential opportunities for profit and use these skills to great advantage wherever they go.

As such, these feline humanoids remain popular among those who appreciate both their intelligence and charm. With this knowledge firmly in hand, we move forward into our exploration of ‘Redguard’.


eso redguard

The Redguards are indigenous people of the continent of Tamriel, known for their powerful and resilient physique. Their history is long, stretching back to the earliest days of recorded time. It is said they were the first race to arrive in Tamriel from their ancestral homeland of Yokuda—a now sunken continent whose culture and traditions live on in the Redguards’ physical features and martial prowess. Like a superhero origin story, their tale begins with a great voyage across turbulent seas in search of a new home.

Unlike other races in Tamriel, Redguards are almost exclusively human-looking with brown skin, black hair, and eyes that range from gold to green. This stands in stark contrast to other races such as the Khajiit, who have more feline characteristics like tails and fur coats. In addition, Redguard men are renowned warriors; they have been trained since childhood to fight with a variety of weapons including swords, shields, and bows. They also possess natural resistance to poison due to centuries of living amongst dangerous creatures.

Redguards have a unique relationship with the gods; they believe that divine beings are not only responsible for creating the world but also for protecting it from danger. As such, they revere warrior gods like Kynareth who help them protect their families and lands against any threat. They also value honor above all else; dishonoring someone can be seen as one of the worst offenses imaginable according to their culture and societal norms.

The Redguard culture is rich in tradition and heritage; from ancient stories passed down through generations to traditional crafts such as blacksmithing or pottery-making which still thrive today. The modern-day Redguard is highly adaptable; many have made homes outside of Hammerfell by integrating into nearby cultures while still keeping true to their own customs and beliefs.

A seamless blend between old traditions and new experiences makes these proud people some of Tamriel’s most interesting inhabitants — ready for whatever comes next as they step into uncharted waters yet again to make their mark on the world.


eso breton

Bretons are a race of humans in the Elder Scrolls universe, akin to a simile of a tree with many branches. They are known to be highly intelligent and gifted with magical prowess, which makes them invaluable members of society in Tamriel. They have been heavily influenced by their Breton ancestors and are considered one of the most adaptive races in the world.

The Bretons have long adapted to the changing times and environments of Tamriel, as evidenced by their wide variety of cultures, languages, and beliefs. They live in both rural and urban settlements throughout Tamriel, but most commonly can be found living close to High Rock’s western coast. This is due to their cultural ties to their native region; many Bretons still speak an old form of the Breton language even after years away from High Rock.

Though most Bretons live peacefully in Tamriel, some pursue lives as adventurers or mercenaries. Those who choose this path tend to be more resilient than other races, as they often come from humble backgrounds that require hard work and dedication to overcome adversity. Furthermore, their magical adeptness often gives them an edge during conflict when compared to other races that lack such abilities.

Bretons are a unique race that has successfully adapted over time while maintaining strong ties to their roots and culture. Their intelligence and magical aptitude make them valuable allies in any situation, whether it’s a peaceful negotiation or a perilous battle. Their ability to transcend boundaries leaves them poised to take on any challenge with resilience and determination – qualities that no doubt serve them well on the battlefields of Tamriel.

As they bravely venture forth into unknown lands seeking adventure, they will surely prove themselves worthy adversaries for any foe that stands in their way. With courage and strength of spirit, Bretons are sure to find success wherever they go. Through it all they remain true not only to themselves but also those around them; embodying the spirit that has shaped their people for generations past and providing hope for generations yet unborn.

Ultimately, Bretons remain an integral part of Tamriel’s rich tapestry – one that weaves together all its diverse inhabitants into one unified whole.


eso orc

The Orc race, hailing from the distant past, is a legendary faction in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). These creatures have been a part of Tamriel’s history since the beginning of time and are known for their strength, resilience, and skill. They can be found all over Tamriel and are one of the most powerful races in the game. Orcs are known for their excellent fighting ability and their capacity to wield powerful weapons. They also possess great physical strength and stamina, making them formidable opponents in combat. Additionally, Orcs have an affinity for magic and can use it to enhance their own power or aid allies.

Orcs’ culture is based on honor and loyalty. This means that they will always stand by their word, even if it puts them at risk. They have strong family values and are fiercely loyal to their clan members. Although they may appear intimidating due to their size and stature, they are actually quite hospitable to outsiders. In addition to being brave warriors and loyal allies, Orcs also possess a unique sense of humor which many find endearing. As such, they’ve become popular characters in Elder Scrolls lore over the years – much like how we humans revere superheroes today!

Orc life is centered around two main goals: survival and progress. To ensure both of these goals are met, Orcs believe in working together as a community rather than as individuals. This communal approach enables them to overcome obstacles more easily than other races due to their collective strength. Despite this communal spirit, however, Orcs still maintain an individualistic streak that allows them to rise above others when necessary – making them one of the most versatile races in ESO’s world.

Orc culture has shaped Tamriel’s landscape ever since its inception; from the mighty fortress-city of Orsinium to small settlements scattered throughout Skyrim’s hillsides – all bearing witness to this ancient race’s legacy across time.

With such a rich history behind them, it is no surprise that Orc remains one of ESO’s most popular factions today – allowing players everywhere an opportunity to experience its unique culture first-hand in all its glory! Stepping into Nord culture now…


nord eso

Nords represent a race of tall and strong individuals, hailing from the frozen lands of Skyrim. They are known to be fiercely independent and proud, with a strong sense of honor. Despite the harsh climate of their homeland, the nords have a great appreciation for life and its joys, making them one of the most popular races in Tamriel. Ironically enough, considering their robust and hardy nature, Nords are not great sailors or swimmers due to their fear of water.

The culture of the Nords is very much tied to Nordic mythology and folklore, with ancient heroes such as Ysgramor being highly respected among them. These tales influence their way of life; they are warrior people who go on epic songs and skaldic poetry is often sung in celebration or remembrance of these stories. They also possess an affinity for weapons like swords and axes, which they craft with great skill.

The nords also have an intense love for mead, which they consume at feasts held in honor of fallen warriors or other events that call for celebration. This love for alcohol has made them quite notorious throughout Tamriel; however, it also gives them an air of joviality that is often infectious among visitors.

Their courage in battle and good-natured attitude make them worthy allies as well as formidable opponents; this is why many nations seek out their services when it comes to warring or protecting land from invaders.

The bravery and loyalty exhibited by Nords make them a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield – even if they lack aquatic prowess! As one moves on from the Nord race towards examining imperials it becomes clear how diverse the different races in Tamriel truly are.


eso imperial

The Imperial race is a mysterious power in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. Magnificent and powerful, they have a unique set of abilities that set them apart from other races. A force to be reckoned with, their presence looms large over the lands of Tamriel. Like an unstoppable juggernaut, their sheer force of will has carved out a place in history – one that is as distinctive as it is awe-inspiring.

Imperials are known for their impressive physicality and durability. Their armor is made from the finest metals and materials available, allowing them to withstand even the most punishing blows. Additionally, they possess superior agility and reflexes, allowing them to dodge attacks with ease. With these attributes combined, Imperials are capable of taking on any foe head-on with the utmost confidence.

In addition to their physical prowess, Imperials also have access to potent magical abilities. Most notably, they can call upon Dragon Fireballs – a devastatingly powerful attack that can incinerate enemies instantly. Furthermore, Imperials can use magical healing spells to restore health after a battle or raise the dead for strategic purposes in war. This makes them invaluable allies on the battlefield and formidable opponents to those who would stand against them.

The Imperial race stands tall amongst its peers as one of the greatest forces in all of Tamriel – a shining example of strength and resilience that will continue to stand strong through time immemorial. An unstoppable force whose might knows no bounds, they set an example for all races to follow in terms of power and determination.

It’s no wonder this legendary race continues to inspire awe and admiration throughout all corners of Tamriel; truly an enigma like no other!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Each Of The 10 Eso Races?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has 10 races, each with advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when playing the game. Players must consider their characters’ strengths, weaknesses, and play style when making a choice of what race to play. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each ESO race.

The High Elves are one of the most powerful races in ESO. They have increased Magicka regeneration, making them great for mage-style players. They also have an increased experience gained from destruction staff, which is beneficial for those who use this weapon type. On the other hand, High Elves are vulnerable to fire damage, making them weak against certain enemies.

Another popular race is the Argonians. This reptilian race has several unique abilities that make them well-suited for stealthy playstyles. Argonians can breathe underwater and have resistance to poison damage, which gives them an advantage in aquatic environments or against poisonous creatures. However, they lack the magical affinity that other races have, making them less effective as mages or spellcasters compared to High Elves or Bretons.

Finally, Orcs are renowned for their physical strength and stamina regeneration abilities; they are able to deal large amounts of damage quickly with melee weapons and regenerate stamina more quickly than other races. However, they lack magical abilities compared to some other races in ESO; while they can equip magical items such as staves and robes, they cannot cast spells like a Breton or High Elf can do naturally without training in magic first.

In conclusion, each ESO race has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing a character class or build for the game. Players should weigh their options carefully before deciding on a race so that their characters’ strengths match their desired playstyle best.

What Kind Of Weapons And Armor Best Suit Each Of The 10 Eso Races?

Playing a character in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) game involves a great deal of decision-making. One of the most important choices is that of race. The ten races in ESO have their own unique abilities, personalities, and physical characteristics. It is important for players to understand how those traits determine what weapons and armor are best suited for each race.

The weapons and armor that are best suited for each of the ten ESO races vary greatly in terms of their effectiveness, style, and overall performance. For instance, the Dunmer race excels with dual-wield weapons as they have increased Stamina regeneration which allows them to use more powerful weapons than other races. On the other hand, the Orc race is better suited for heavy two-handed weapons due to their natural strength and higher health points.

Meanwhile, the Argonians are best equipped with light armor due to their increased Stamina regeneration allowing them to wear lighter pieces while still having protection from enemy attacks. The High Elves are also well-suited for light armor because of their magical affinity which grants them additional protection from magical attacks. Each race also has its own unique racial abilities which can further increase its effectiveness with certain types of weapons or armor pieces.

When choosing a weapon or piece of armor for an ESO character, it is important to take into account not only the physical characteristics of that character’s race but also its special abilities and advantages so that it can be used at maximum efficiency.

Players should always keep in mind that even though there are specific benefits associated with certain types of equipment for any given race, ultimately it comes down to personal preference when deciding what will work best within any given situation.

Are There Any Special Abilities That Are Exclusive To Each Of The 10 Eso Races?

The world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is filled with many diverse races, each with its own unique set of abilities and skills. While it may be easy to focus on the weapons and armor that best suit each race, there are also special abilities that are exclusive to each of the ten ESO races. To illustrate this point, consider the Argonian race, which has an ability called Histskin that allows them to regain health quickly. This special ability gives them an edge in battle, making them formidable opponents.

In addition to the Argonians, all of the other nine races have their own unique abilities as well. For example, the Altmer have a racial skill called Highborn which increases their magical power regeneration rate by a significant amount. The Orcs have a skill called Berserker Rage which increases their damage output when they are in low health. The Bosmer have an ability called Command Animal which allows them to temporarily charm animals and use them as allies during battles.

Each race has its own set of strengths and weaknesses depending on the abilities they possess. It is important for players to know what kind of special skills will give them an advantage when playing ESO so that they can make sure that they select the right race for their play style. Knowing how these special skills work can help players maximize their effectiveness in combat and ultimately increase their chances of victory in ESO battles.

Players should take time to research each race’s special abilities before deciding on one for their character; this knowledge will help ensure that players are able to make the most out of their chosen race’s strengths while minimizing any weaknesses they may possess.

With careful consideration and research, players can choose a race that best suits both their play style and goals within ESO – allowing them to maximize success in-game.

How Do The 10 Eso Races Differ In Terms Of Their Starting Stats And Attributes?

The ten ESO races are varied and unique, like a bouquet of exotic flowers. It is no surprise that they come with differing starting stats and attributes. These differences can be broken down into five categories: health, Magicka, stamina, racial passives, and racial bonuses.

Health is the amount of damage a character can take before being killed in-game. Each ESO race has an initial health value which increases over time as the character level increases. This value varies from race to race, with some having higher initial amounts than others.

Magicka is the energy used for casting spells and abilities in the game. As with Health, each ESO race has an initial Magicka value which increases over time as the character levels up. Different races have different starting values, usually depending on whether they are more inclined toward magical or physical combat styles.

Stamina is used to power physical attacks such as sprinting and blocking in-game. Again, this value varies between races – some having higher starting values than others – but it also depends on whether or not the character has chosen a particular fighting style such as Two-Handed Weapons or Heavy Armor.

Racial Passives are special abilities that are exclusive to each ESO race which gives them an advantage when playing the game. Racial Bonuses are also specific to each race and provide increased stat values for certain activities within the game world such as crafting or exploration.

The ten ESO races, therefore, differ greatly in terms of their starting stats and attributes; a fact which creates interesting permutations when building characters to play the game with – no two characters need ever be exactly alike!

Each player can create a unique experience based on their own preferences by selecting one of these ten distinct races and choosing how best to use their stats and abilities within the game world.

How Have The 10 Eso Races Evolved Over Time In Terms Of Their In-Game Lore?

What are the timeless tales of the 10 Elder Scrolls Online races? How have they evolved over time in terms of their in-game lore? From the human Imperials to the Khajiit, each race has its own unique story. It is these stories that shape our understanding and appreciation of the Elder Scrolls universe.

The Imperials are considered to be the most powerful race in Tamriel, with a rich history of ruling empires and conquering lands. They are known for their strong will and determination, often leading them on great adventures. The Dunmer are a proud people, with a deep respect for their ancestors and a strong sense of honor. They have long been involved in politics and diplomacy, making them skilled negotiators and diplomats.

The Nords are industrious people renowned for their strength, courage, and resilience. They are renowned warriors often found at the forefront of any battle they partake in. The Argonians possess an ancient knowledge of nature and magic that few can match. Their culture is heavily intertwined with nature, giving them an intimate understanding of natural cycles such as life, death, and rebirth.

The Bretons are a magical people who have lived among Tamriel’s many races since time immemorial. They possess mastery over elemental magics which they use to protect themselves from harm or even manipulate reality itself. The Redguards of Hammerfell hail from a long line of brave warriors who value honor above all else. They have had many battles throughout history but remain loyal to their traditions no matter what trials come their way.

The Orcs live by codes of honor and loyalty that have been passed down through generations. Their fierce warrior culture makes them formidable opponents on any battlefield that they set foot on. The Altmer are an ancient race blessed with incredible magical abilities which have led to them becoming powerful leaders within Tamriel’s political landscape as well as respected scholars within its magical community.

Lastly, we come to two races that may not always be seen on the battlefield but still play an important role in Tamriel’s history: The Bosmer (Wood Elves) and Khajiit (Cat Folk). These two races represent something different than what is normally found within Elder Scrolls Online: balance between nature and civilization, harmony between man and beast alike. Together they bring forth much-needed diversity into this fantasy world full of adventure and intrigue!

From rulers to warriors to magicians to protectors – each Elder Scrolls Online race has its own unique narrative arc that adds complexity to the game’s ever-changing world.. Understanding these stories helps us appreciate just how far each race has come over time; how individual histories can be woven together into something greater than ourselves…something larger than life itself!


The 10 ESO Races offer a wide variety of different characteristics, abilities, and attributes to players. Their strengths and weaknesses are varied, with some races having more strength in certain areas than others. In terms of weapons and armor, each race has its own set of preferred items.

By taking into account the starting stats and attributes of each race, players can gain an advantage when it comes to customizing their characters. Moreover, the lore surrounding each race provides insight into how they have evolved over time in the game.

It is up to the player to choose which race best suits their playstyle. While some races may have a slight edge over others in certain areas, ultimately it all boils down to personal preference. Different players may find that one race works better for them than another due to their unique combination of skills and abilities. However, regardless of which race is chosen, there is no denying that each offers something special that can help players excel at ESO.

In conclusion, the 10 ESO Races provide plenty of interesting possibilities for customization within the game. Whether it be through weapon selection or special abilities exclusive to specific races, there are plenty of options available for those who wish to create a character that stands out from the crowd.

Players have a choice between ten diverse choices; thus ensuring that no matter what type of character they desire, they will always be able to find something suitable among the races provided by The Elder Scrolls Online.

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