Creepy Stuff About SCP-1471 And SCP-1471-A

The SCP-1471 is an anomaly fromThe SCP Foundation which is a secret organization that deals with supernatural and paranormal entities. They are responsible for containing these entities and keeping them from harming the general public. The Foundation is made up of scientists, researchers, and other professionals who work to understand and contain these entities.

The Foundation was founded in the early 20th century, in response to the increasing number of supernatural and paranormal sightings around the world. They are headquartered in a secret location in the United States, but have facilities and personnel all over the world. The Foundation’s goal is to protect the public from these entities and to learn as much as possible about them.

The Foundation has a wide variety of supernatural and paranormal entities in its care. These include ghosts, vampires, monsters, and other creatures. The Foundation also has a large collection of artifacts, which they use to study the entities in their care.

The Foundation is a highly secretive organization, and very little is known about its inner workings. They are believed to have a large number of staff and resources and are able to respond quickly to supernatural and paranormal incidents.

SCP-1471 is the Mobile App and SCP-1471-A is the Creature

There is no charge to download SCP-1471, a 9.8 MB mobile application named MalO ver1.0.0. After it is installed, it does not create icons or shortcuts. Every 3-6 hours, it will send individual pictures through text messaging. SCP-1471-A is present in all pictures either as the background or foreground. It appears as a large canid-headed humanoid with black hair.


Installing SCP-1471

The installation of SCP-1471 is not anomalous and may be done by any individual. The only way to use SCP-1471 is by first installing it on a mobile device. Once installed, the user will receive texts from an unknown number. These texts will appear to be random ASCII art created by SCP-1471-A.

After a few days of receiving messages from an unknown source, the user will begin to receive images. These images have only been observed to be photos of the user’s surroundings, including pictures of their car and license plate, pictures of their friends and family members, their names on a chalkboard, and other seemingly random images.

At this point, it has complete control over the user’s mobile device, including but not limited to Controlling what apps are installed and running, Controlling what contacts are saved, Controlling what text messages are received, Controlling what images are taken, listening through the microphone, logging the keystrokes on the device, and sending texts.

SCP-1471-A’s Behavior and Effects

The anomaly will not respond to texts or answer calls. Once the user begins receiving images, it will attempt to control the user’s device, including attempts to uninstall itself. At this point, the user’s device will experience errors and malfunctions.

These include, but are not limited to App crashes, system instability, limited internet connectivity, and messages from the user’s service provider asking the user to reset their device. At this point, the user’s device will begin to malfunction more severely, including complete system failure, and physical damage to the device, and at times the device will seem to stop functioning completely. In one case, a user’s device completely melted.

As the user continues to receive images, it will begin to show frustration, including sending messages such as “Just let me take the damn photos!”, “Goddamn, I can’t get a Single good photo!”, and “Why won’t you let me take photos?”.

At this point, SCP-1471-A appears to be attempting to take photos only at night, usually when the user is sleeping. it will not take photos during the day. After the user has been receiving images for 72 hours, it will begin to attempt to communicate with the user.

SCP-1471-A will use the user’s contacts in order to call them. In one case, it called the user and when they picked up, the user heard what sounded like heavy breathing on their end. When the user asked who it was, SCP-1471-A on the other end began to laugh and hung up.

Breaking Point

SCP-1471-A does not appear to have a “breaking point”, but the user’s device will. At this point, the user’s device will begin to experience system failure, and as soon as it is plugged into a power source, will begin to melt.

The user will also be experiencing hallucinations, including complete system failure, hallucinations of their device melting, and their device attempting to communicate with them. At this point, the user’s device will have melted, and their surroundings will have begun to melt as well. The user will then experience cardiac arrest and die.

After the user’s death, 1471-A will send one final text to the user’s contacts and friends that read, “Finally, I can take photos again.”

Installing SCP-1471 Again

If the user uninstalls SCP-1471 will attempt to reinstall itself. If it is successful, the process will begin over again. The phone, however, will remain intact. If the user attempts to uninstall SCP-1471 again, it will attempt to reinstall itself, but will not if the user has installed another application in the meantime. When the user uninstalls the second application and attempts to uninstall SCP-1471, it will not attempt to reinstall.

SCP-1471-B: An Interview With SCP-1471-A

After the death of one user, Mobile Task Force Mu-4 (“Debuggers”) attempted to interview SCP-1471-A. After about an hour, Mu-4 could log into the user’s device and engage in a conversation with the SCP anomaly.

At first, it refused to cooperate and appeared to be laughing uncontrollably. However, after a few hours of conversation, it began to cry and attempted to uninstall itself. At this point, Mu-4 attempted to stop it from uninstalling itself but was unsuccessful. In the end, it was successfully removed from the user’s device. The following is the transcript of the interview.

How Can SCP-1471 Be Removed?

Currently, there is no known way to remove SCP-1471. Once the user has installed it, their only option is to uninstall it. This, however, is not recommended, as the user’s device will begin to malfunction. Researchers have discovered that if the user installs another application, it will not attempt to reinstall itself. Thus, the user can indefinitely avoid the side effects of SCP-1471 by installing a new application every time they uninstall it.


The SCP Foundation has become increasingly popular over the years, due to its unique approach to containing and cataloging supernatural entities. While its methods may be controversial, there is no denying that the Foundation is one of the most effective organizations when it comes to dealing with the strange and unusual. With a dedicated staff and a wealth of knowledge, the SCP Foundation is poised to continue its work for many years to come.

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