What is The SCP Foundation? Unveiling The 05 Command Mystery

What is The SCP Foundation?

The Secure Containment Procedures or SCP Foundation is a fictional universe about unexplained phenomena, events, and creatures created by the SCP Foundation fanbase. What sets it apart from something like the X-Files is its crowdsourced nature. The term “Anomalies” or “SCPs” are what the Foundation calls what they study and from the information gathered, then makes decisions on how to best identify them into classes.

Similar to popular internet-born trends such as creepypasta, The SCP mythos was formally established with the creation of its official website in 2008. It was then that its origins took shape and increased its popularity immensely. The crowdsourced nature of its lore makes for a lot of iterations that cater to a broad demographic of fans. From children aged 5 to adults who enjoy SciFi/horror stories, there seems to be an SCP subgenre for all ages.

It is maintained and updated by fans on their official wiki where users can submit, update, and even create their SCP versions. These have to be approved of course to maintain the quality and so that it adheres to the canon or core structure of the SCP universe.

SCP Foundation symbol

The original SCP logo was designed by far2, based on a free asset from Adobe Illustrator’s “Mad Science” asset library, which in turn was based on the electrostatic discharge warning symbol. The first high-resolution PNG version of the logo was made by Aelanna, based on the original SCP logo. – The SCP Foundation, CC BY-SA 3.0,

SCP Motto

The official SCP Motto is “Secure Contain Protect”. Not to be confused with the similarity with the organization’s definition of the “Secure Containment Procedures” Foundation. Both have SCP as acronyms and it could be because of their relevance to the cause.

What Is The Purpose of The SCP Foundation?

The SCP Foundations’ main purpose is the monitor and investigation of any paranormal, or supernatural, events and anomalies to better understand what their intentions are. The Foundation also must secure and contain it if possible, to protect mankind or utilize its potential to help the same.

As explained at the beginning of this article, SCPs can be but are not limited to ghosts, monsters, fallen gods, and demons. This makes the SCP the most important organization against the most dangerous threats to the human race.

Who Runs The SCP Foundation?

The Administrator

This individual is the face of the organization. He speaks on behalf of the foundation but is more like a puppet mouthpiece than an actual leader. The administrator is rumored to be one of the earliest members of the 05 Council, and some also say he/she/it may be of anomalous origin even.

Overseer Council

Overseer Council

The Overseer Council is the main head of the SCP Foundation. They are also known as The 05 Command or The Overwatch. They are usually 13 people who are identified only as 05-1 to 05-13. Only they have access to unredacted files which gives them the highest security clearance for information on all types of anomalies.

They have ties to the most powerful government leaders and the richest people, making their reach almost limitless in securing these complex anomalies. They live in secrecy and anonymity to keep the earth safe and secure from potentially dangerous threats.

Another mysterious fact about the Foundation’s Overseer Council is that rumor has it that some of the members themselves are anomalies. They belong to the friendlier, types of anomalies which we will explain later below. This Cabal within the Foundation is definitely calling the shots and has access to all information not available to people outside their council.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics committee has a bit of overlap with the Overseer Council, and that makes them sort of a redundancy within the organization. However, their position is quite useful in affairs where morality and ethics are required for decision-making. They also serve as a countercheck in case the Overseer Council goes against the Foundation’s core principles.

Site Directors

Site Directors are in charge of SCP facilities all over the world. They’re directly responsible for the anomalies that are housed in their respective containment areas and play a big role in securing them. Site directors, unlike 05 Council members, still possess their government names and not just a number designation.

Mobile Task Force and Researchers

MTF team

The Mobile Task Force (MTF) are the units sent to engage deadly anomalies. MTFs are the Foundation’s equivalent of the tip-of-the-spear of the US Armed forces. These individuals are the most skilled in their fields and are not limited to purely combat. Some are researchers and scientists who assess anomaly threat levels on sight. Recovery teams are similar but are not specialized enough to deal with highly dangerous entities.

Containment Specialists and Security Personnel

Containment Specialists design the appropriate housing for each type of anomaly. You see, anomalies and their attributes are so wide in range, that not having a specialist to determine what housing is necessary to contain them would be foolhardy and reckless. Security Personnel also plays a big role in making sure the housing units for these beings are sufficient.

Field Agents and Recovery Teams

Field agents act as tipsters or eyes and ears all over the world for anomalies. Once it is confirmed that an anomaly exists in a certain area, Recovery Teams go and retrieve and transport it back to the nearest Foundation site. Both the spotters and the Recovery teams work in tandem for maximum efficiency.

Object Classes of SCP

Safe SCP

what is the scp foundation

These are the types of SCP objects that have been and are easily contained by the Foundation. They are deemed safe because they’ve been completely figured out so they are no longer a threat and can be secured or contained effectively. Some are actually adorable and cute-looking in appearance.

Euclid SCP

euclid scp

A much more resource-intensive object to contain, this object class requires specific logistics to be deployed before effective containment. They entail a higher risk than the Safe class SCPs because of this.

Keter SCP


Anomalies belonging to the Keter class are extremely difficult in handling and containment. They also pose a much bigger risk to humanity and the universe in general. They are very complex anomalies and the scale of the risk they could pose make them a priority.

Thaumiel SCP


These SCPs are helpful to man and the Foundation utilizes them to assist in helping secure and contain other SCPs. Let’s just call them friendlies and be glad they’re around.

Archon SCP

Archons are the SCP types that should not be contained since containing them would do more harm than good. It does not automatically mean that they have malevolent intent, it could be for other scientifically practical reasons.

Apollyon SCP

Similar to Archons, these SCP types are better left alone than contained by the Foundation. Messing with these SCP types will definitely do more harm than good, unlike Archon types.

Neutralized SCP

These SCPs have ceased to be a threat and have either been killed, destroyed, or rendered useless.

Explained SCP

These SCP types have been completely figured out completely by the Foundation and can be dealt with accordingly.

Decommissioned SCP

Non-recognition SCPs for whatever reason by the Foundation

Great SCP Short Films

The Dollhouse

The Overlord

SCP 096 Short Film

Final Thoughts on The SCP Universe

The SCP universe is still very active even after all these years and it’s only going to get more mainstream as time goes by. Its crowdsourced nature for the evolving lore is something remarkable as so many fans dedicate time and effort to enriching the universe. It won’t be long till Hollywood or a legit video game company takes notice and turns this into something with more mainstream appeal.

Meanwhile, we can now just enjoy it for what it is.

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