5 Best Military Movies Like Lone Survivor

We all love military movies like Lone Survivor where the protagonists are outmatched, outnumbered, and surrounded. This siege-type scenario is like motivation fuel to overcome and surmount difficult challenges in general.

This is probably why it resonates with so many audiences, especially males. We hope you enjoy this list of the best military movies like Lone Survivor where defiant heroes are faced with insurmountable odds against their favor. Let’s begin!

Lone Survivor (2013)

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The Lone Survivor movie is based on a true story that happened on June 28, 2005, when SEAL Team 10 failed to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd. The film, directed by Peter Berg, is an epic tale of bravery, sacrifice, and overcoming overwhelming odds. It features patriotic themes and a thrilling story. Watch the Lone Survivor trailer to learn more about this action-packed film.

The story is based on the true story of four Navy SEALS who document the activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The cast includes familiar men-at-war actors like Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch, but newcomer Emile Hirsch also joins the cast. The film is a great watch for anyone interested in how people survive the war. You’ll laugh and cry, but the movie will also make you think.

The film was based on a true story, and while the script lacks the narrative depth of “Private Ryan,” it is nevertheless an intensely human journey. Tom Hanks is an impressive hero, leading a deeply human mission to save a World War II soldier and protect a distraught mother. The film is full of moral commentary and connects on a visceral level. But it will take some time to get you to feel everything that the story has to offer.

The film’s star, Marcus Luttrell, is no stranger to enduring hardships in the wilderness. While Marcus Luttrell’s story is a compelling one, it also offers lessons about the human condition. Aside from the story’s moral compass, the Lone Survivor movie will inspire you to find your own way out of any situation. If you’re looking for a gripping movie to watch, then check out Lone Survivor (2013).

13 Hours (The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi)

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The latest Michael Bay film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, tells the story of the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, by adopting the perspective of a small team of CIA contractors who fought to protect a U.S. diplomatic compound. The film follows these men as they battle the waves of anti-American terrorists who tried to attack the diplomatic compound and the team’s own base – a supposedly secret CIA outpost.

The film takes place on the night of September 11, 2012. In the Benghazi compound, a secret CIA annex is guarded by a team of CIA agents and soldiers led by surly base chief Bob, who doesn’t think the presence of soldiers is necessary. But when Ambassador Stevens and his team relocate to a different compound, a local militia attacks the compound and subsequently the CIA annex.

Michael Bay makes a career out of visual overkill. His stunning vistas serve the story well. Benghazi’s Mediterranean coast is still a blue-gold sight, but the Annex is nestled next to a scrubby orchard, a sheep run, and a slaughterhouse. The whole town is a mess, and even the small-town charm of Benghazi feels shattered. In the end, however, 13 Hours reaches its height of nighttime action, when enemy fighters creep through the darkness, and we’re left to wonder: Will the soldiers be able to survive?

12 Strong (2018)

12 strong

’12 Strong’ is a 2018 American action-war film based on Doug Stanton’s non-fiction book “Horse Soldiers.” The movie follows a team of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers that are sent to Afghanistan after 9/11. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, and Trevante Rhodes. It is based on true events in Afghanistan and depicts the sacrifices they make for their country.

This movie is a remake of the 2001 film of the same name. The main actors, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Pena, Travante Rhodes, and Anthony Rapp, play a team of American soldiers who take on the Taliban on horseback in Afghanistan. The team’s objective is to take a city from its stronghold. They must overcome their distrust for their general and work together to accomplish their mission. The movie is also notable for depicting the difficult terrain in which they must travel. The film follows the true story of these soldiers and their horses, which became the heroes of the Vietnam War.

The movie’s main characters were real-life soldiers. In real life, Captain Mark Nutsch, an Afghan Special Forces soldier, was wounded in the war zone. Navid Negahban played the role of Nutsch. The movie’s other characters were based on real-life men, such as Captain Mark Nutsch, who was injured in Afghanistan. During the film, the characters suffered excruciating back pain and were unable to stand up on their horses. As a result, the medics were forced to give him pain medication.

Black Hawk Down (2001)

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The 2001 war drama Black Hawk Down is a military movie based on a true story. It’s based on a book by Mark Bowden and directed by Ridley Scott. It tells the story of the U.S. military’s raid on the city of Mogadishu in Somalia in 1993. This war movie has an impressive ensemble cast, including Orlando Bloom, Ty Burrell, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who also play supporting roles.

The film has a great story to tell, and the acting is superb. Unfortunately, the movie uses the f-word about 20 times, which is more than what you would hear in half an hour in high school. I’d recommend avoiding this movie if you’re sensitive about such matters. However, it will leave a lasting impression on many people, and will probably make you think twice before saying it in public.

Another criticism of the film is that it makes too much of the events that happened. In some ways, the movie exaggerates the circumstances to make it more dramatic. In particular, the film’s protagonist, SPC John Stebbins, is a fictional character. The movie makes use of a fictionalized version of Stebbins, who was later convicted of raping his six-year-old daughter.

The Outpost (2020)

the outpost

“The Outpost” is a fascinating look at the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan, and a solid film from a career journeyman director. Despite the fact that the movie has a small cast, the three main actors are identifiable and engrossing. Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood play staff sergeants Ty Carter and Caleb Landry Jones plays a pale staff sergeant. Moreover, four real-life survivors of the Battle of Kamdesh provide the film with authenticity. “Embrace the suck,” is one of my favorite phrases from the movie.

“The Outpost” has great performances and isn’t a masterpiece. But it is better than most movies in the genre. While the plot isn’t particularly original, director Lorrie Lurie manages to capture the grit and “average guy” nature of soldiers. Eastwood, in particular, provides a solid performance that echoes Eastwood’s earlier work. Harrison Jones also manages to impress in the back half of the movie. The film is rated R for pervasive violence and language and some sexual references.

“The Outpost” is a resounding war film. It is a harrowing reminder of what it means to “support the troops”. Set during America’s war in Afghanistan, “The Outpost” is an excellent drama about the bloodiest engagement in the country since the military’s deployment in 2002. The story unfolds with the human side of soldiers and their families. If you’re a war film fan, don’t miss “The Outpost.”


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