How CBD Pre-Roll Can Help You In 4 Simple Ways

MD: Safe from weed’s psychotropic effects, CBD pre-rolls are a convenient and easy way to benefit from cannabidiol. The effects are instantaneous, and the quality is top-notch.

Top Reasons You Should Use CBD Pre-Rolls

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Over the years, the number of ways to ingest CBD has increased. Nowadays, users have several ingestion methods, including edibles, joints, and more. One of the standard methods you are likely to find is the CBD pre-roll ones available in dispensaries and online. Ideally, they eliminate the hassle of rolling your joints with tips and all.

The pre-rolls contain purely hemp flowers, meaning they have less than 0.3% of THC in them or none. Users report that pre-rolls are both time-saving and efficient because they are ready to use from the word go. 

Types of Hemp Flowers Used in CBD Pre-Rolls

Before we settle into answering what a CBD pre-roll does, we should start with what they are. As mentioned above, pre-roll CBD joints hail from hemp flowers. Different parts of the flowers get processed, resulting in various pre-rolls. An average one contains about 1 gram of hemp flower. Others have more or less, depending on your preference. 

When it comes to quality, there are three main distinctions in pre-rolls. The distinctions align with the grade of the hemp flower that gets processed to become the joint. Here is a breakdown of the three:

Premium Flowers

This type is by far the purest type of hemp flower available. It gets harvested from the upper half of the plant. Management of the upper half requires trimming to eliminate any excessive leaves. As a result, the flower contains no debris, and any seeds get removed to give you a premium bud. Comparatively, this is the best type of flower.


Smalls, on the other hand, are lower in quality than Premium flowers. They are on both the upper and lower half of the hemp plants. The name small comes from the fact that they are smaller in size. They also contain seeds that decrease their quality when sold as buds. 

For those who prefer smoking a CBD pre-roll they have rolled this may not be their top choice. When it gets sold as ground flowers, trace hints of the seeds are visible, but even the experienced user can fail to notice. 


Trims are the lowest quality hemp flowers. The reason for this is that they contain debris from the processing of the other premium buds. They end up having leaves, seeds, and other unwanted materials. In the case of pre-rolls, most companies do not use the Trims. Trims are better off when added to oils to make various edibles. 

Features of CBD Pre-Rolls

Looking at CBD pre-rolls, certain features are unique to the joints. Most people choose how to take their CBD pre roll depending on their individual needs. It is agreeable that there is nothing wrong with having some pre-roll stashes in hand. It may be beneficial when you do not have time to roll your joints or cook up an edible. Why should you consider using CBD pre-rolls?

They Do Not Get You High

First and foremost, you know that CBD from the hemp flower does not contain significant amounts of THC. Scientifically, THC in any hemp bud does not go over 0.3%. This figure aligns with federal regulations, as anything above 0.3% is illegal. Most users who turn to CBD avoid the psychoactive effects of cannabis products. With pre-rolls, they can rest assured that getting high is not a possibility.

Full of Cannabis Flavors and Aromas

Not wanting to get high does not mean that CBD users find the marijuana smells repulsive. Several users find the aromatic scents of terpenes and burning weed products comforting. If you want the flavorful experience of smoking cannabis without the high, then pre-rolls are the thing for you. They are full of a wide range of terpenes depending on the strain of the hemp plant. 

Quality also plays a vital role in ensuring the final product has aromas and flavors. The terpenes are more dominant when it gets processed into high-quality flower. Low-quality flowers have debris that can interfere with the final terpene profile. 

Highly Convenient

One of the reasons why pre-rolls are highly convenient is time. You may find yourself longing for a hit but need more time to fill your bong or roll a joint. CBD pre-rolls come as a finished product that only requires you to light it to get your fix. Instead of taking time preparing and making a mess with your bong, vaporizer, bowl, or rolling papers, you only stick the joint in your mouth and light it. Also, they are easy to ferry around. 

The Effects Kick in Instantaneously

Like smoking the total spectrum cannabis joints, CBD pre-rolls take effect instantly. Lighting the joint and inhaling the burning compounds delivers them into your body’s blood vessels. Though you may not feel the psychotropic high of inhaling THC, you will likely feel the other effects. 

Benefits of Pre-Rolls

Now that we have gone through the types and features of pre-rolls let us look at the benefits. If you ask users why they use CBD, they will give you different reasons. Considering that cannabidiol is relevant in the medical sector, it is understandable that users would turn to it for their issues. The following are the significant benefits of using CBD pre-rolls or any other type of the same:

Inducing Relaxation and Reducing Anxiety

An article on Forbes Health comparing three different studies found that CBD does help alleviate anxiety. One study in 2011 and two in 2019 concentrated on dosage and effects. Each study showed a significant decrease in stress and anxiety with frequent use of cannabidiol. 

The second study concluded that too-low doses at 150 mg and too high at 600mg were ineffective. The moderate 300mg dose alleviated stress and anxiety in individuals given the CBD before making a speech. 

These findings show that CBD pre-rolls can prove effective in dealing with anxiety problems and stress. There have also been findings that point to it reducing depression when it gets used appropriately. 

Relieving Pain

60% of Americans claim to use CBD for its pain-alleviating properties. Within the United States, there are no CBD-based drugs for pain management. In the UK, there has been the legalization of its use in treating Multiple Sclerosis pain, while Canada allows it to treat cancer pain. In effect, CBD pre-rolls can help with various types of pain. Some studies seek to enhance it as a treatment method for chronic, neuropathic, and other forms of pain. 

Combatting Seizures

The only CBD-infused drug that is legal in the United States is Epidiolex. The medicine treats epileptic patients and is known to combat their seizures. The drug has FDA approval and gets used even for children. Reports show that it effectively reduces some of the symptoms of epilepsy and improves the patient’s quality of life. 

Helping in Substance Abuse Treatment

Most addicts find it hard to quit cold turkey from their drugs of choice. In the cases of opioids, it is dangerous to quit cold turkey as the withdrawal can be fatal. The use of CBD pre-rolls in aiding addicts to quit their harmful drugs is an issue that is gaining traction.

 In the case of cigarette smoking, CBD pre-rolls do successfully help users to quit tobacco. By reducing pain, improving mood, and enhancing relaxation, CBD works in reducing the risks and negative nature of withdrawals. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Pre-Rolls

Q: What are the CBD pre-roll side effects?

A: Though side effects are rare, some users report feeling them. They include fatigue, drowsiness, and headaches, but they are rare. 

Q: Can CBD pre-rolls help you sleep?

A: Yes. Due to CBD pre-rolls relaxing properties, CBD pre-rolls help with sleep problems such as insomnia, sleepwalking, and more. 

Q: Can I use CBD pre-rolls for anxiety?

A: Yes. CBD pre-rolls help combat stress and anxiety. Taking the correct dose will ensure that you are calm and feeling relaxed. It is effective with PTSD, Generalized Social Anxiety, and more. 


CBD pre-rolls are more accessible and convenient for users who want to save time. The high-quality hemp flowers come in different shapes. They are well known for their medical properties since they do not contain significant amounts of THC. As a mode of ingestion, CBD pre-rolls are popular with users. They are available online and in dispensaries all across the country. 

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