How Britain’s Got Talent Has Revolutionized Talent Shows and Reality TV

Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent, otherwise known as BGT, has become one of the world’s biggest TV shows and one that completely revolutionized reality TV as we know it. What many would have deemed Big Brother or The X Factor as being, the rise of BGT has taken it to the pinnacle of the genre and one that continues to thrive year after year.

Of course, the success of the show can be seen in the viewing figures, as well as the record numbers that participate in the show with each edition. It can also be seen in the number of spin-offs that have been enjoyed since it was first launched in 2007. Countries all over the world have created their own shows, with many going viral because of the acts that perform on the show hoping to win.

What made BGT so huge and highly successful?

The biggest way in which the show managed to revolutionize the reality TV genre was through its disruptive nature as something new and unique in comparison to other shows that were being aired around the same time.

Before BGT, there is no doubt that there were various TV shows that were dedicated to people showcasing their talents. There were dancing shows and there were numerous programs in which people could showcase their singing abilities. However, BGT paved the way for a broader spectrum. It allowed people from all walks of life with a unique talent or an art to take to the stage and perform in front of millions. The winner would also be able to perform at the Royal Variety Show, which would mean performing their talent in front of the Royal Family; something no other competition offered in the UK.

The show’s format allowed people to become stars from it, as their skills would go viral, and be seen around the world as technology continued to develop and innovate alongside it. This helped to inspire so many others to participate and continues to do so, as “everyday normal people” are now able to get their 15 minutes of fame and potentially much more. So many to have been able to achieve global recognition did not even win the competition, thus highlighting how big the show can be.

Given that it was created during an era where technology has played a huge role, BGT has managed to accelerate its growth in various ways. The talent show is always a huge talking point when it is on across social media platforms as millions talk about it and the acts that they see, while fan engagement has also managed to drive new products and merchandise to be created carrying the BGT theme.

For instance, Britain’s Got Talent is so popular that it’s even a Slingo game with the same name and theme that can be found among the collection of 32red casino slots ready to enjoy whenever an individual wants to play. The digital footprint of the show is another reason why so many different countries have decided to implement their own competition based on the same format.

Does BGT not become the same after a while?

There are many who would argue that BGT and its other variations can become a little bit “samey” after a while. Given that the show has been in existence for 15 years or so, there are not many talents that are unlikely to have been seen on the stage. Of course, everyone is individualistic and unique, but the acts and performances can often feature the same elements.

However, there are still numerous surprises that do happen that help to keep the BGT show one of the biggest attractions and allures on British TV when it is aired. Millions continue to tune in because they know they can expect to see the unexpected, with some performers able to do the unthinkable. Other performers can receive the break they need, and fans want to be among the first to see them be successful.

These factors have helped the show to continue to innovate and get better with each year, as it also continues to adapt to changes and trends that are experienced. There is every chance that newer editions of BGT could look to use technology even further to enhance the experience, while it could also look at new ways in which it is broadcast to keep engaging with audiences and staying at the top of the UK viewing figures.


BGT’s impact on British and global talent and reality TV is profound and there is no denying it has been incredibly influential on the genres since its initial release in 2007. It might have stagnated a little for some, but with so much more that can be experienced, it could still be a huge driving force that can disrupt the industry even further in the future.


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