The Black Noir Face: 6 Shocking Revelations

The Black Noir Face: What Does He Look Like?

The mysterious Black Noir face is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Amazon Prime adaptation of the comic book ‘The Boys. His identity is shrouded in mystery, making fans speculate about his true nature. Is he a benevolent superhero like Homelander, or is he an evil villain? This blog will explore the secrets beneath Black Noir’s mask to discover his true nature.

The Boys TV Series

the boys tv series

The Boys TV series, based on the popular comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is a dark and twisted take on the superhero genre. This Amazon Prime series follows a group of vigilantes known as “The Boys” as they take on a corrupt group of superheroes known as “The Seven.” The series stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Laz Alonso, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Chace Crawford, and more.

The Boys is a unique take on the superhero genre. Unlike traditional superhero stories where the focus is on the heroic characters, The Boys focuses on the anti-heroes, a group of outcasts who use their unique powers to take down the corrupt superheroes. This show promises to challenge the traditional superhero narrative and is sure to be an interesting viewing experience.

The series explores the darker side of superheroes, exploring their weaknesses and flaws. The superheroes are not portrayed as the holy saviors they are usually depicted as, instead, they are presented as human beings with flaws, egos, and vices. The series also explores the themes of justice and morality and how these two forces interact with each other.

The Boys also has an all-star cast, featuring some of the best actors on television. Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Antony Starr all-star in the series bringing life to the characters they portray. The series also features some of the best special effects on television, bringing the action and fight scenes to life.

The Boys is a unique and dark take on the superhero genre. It promises to be an intriguing and thrilling show and one that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a show that offers an alternative to the traditional superhero narrative, then The Boys is definitely worth checking out. Don’t miss out on an excellent television experience.

Black Noir Face In The Boys Comics

black noir face comics
black noir face comic

In the comics, Black Noir doesn’t have an elaborate-looking design and it appears to just be a bodysuit with no markers or anything. Black Noir’s face is somewhat that of a moron, with a stupid-looking grin on his face that’s seemingly his only expression.

Black Noir’s face was hidden since nobody really knew he looked exactly like a clone of Homelander. His enigmatic costume served this purpose, which surprisingly is unbelievable that Homelander never really got to see his face, his x-ray vision only penetrates through clothes which would only reveal bones.

Black Noir Face In The Boys TV Series

black noir face tv series unmasked
black noir face tv series masked

In the tv series, Black Noir is a normal-looking dude but his masked version looks really cool with all the padding and really dark black, almost vanta dark costume. Black Noir got his face burned on a mission which prompted him to further be reclusive and secretive about his ghastly appearance.

Who Is Black Noir In The Boys Comics?

Black Noir was a clone of Homelander created by the Nazis and Vought American, he was superior to Homelander and acted as a failsafe in case Homelander got out of line. In the comic, Black Noir was a diabolical supervillain, who set out to trigger a series of events to cause Homelander and Billy The Butcher to hate each other. He drove them both to be obsessively out to kill the other. It appears Homelander was driven insane by Black Noir after all.

  • He raped and impregnated Billy’s wife, Rebecca.
  • He dressed up as Homelander slaughtered people and even ate babies.
  • He sexually assaulted Starlight as a form of hazing into The Seven
  • His baby with Rebecca delivers himself from Billy’s wife and both of them die.
  • He finally kills Homelander with such brutality, assuming his purpose by driving him insane.
  • He sexually assaulted Hughie by fingering him to establish dominance.

Who Is Black Noir In The Boys Tv Series?

Black Noir is a mysterious and powerful character in The Boys TV Series. He is a member of the super-secretive and powerful team of superheroes, known as The Seven. Black Noir is a former Navy Seal and a member of the Homelander’s own super-powered team.

He is an enigmatic and powerful character who rarely speaks, and his motives and loyalties remain mysterious. In the show, he is seen as the shadow of Homelander, always lurking in the background.

But he is a much “nicer” version of Black Noir, being oddly funny and quiet most of the time. He does do the dirty work of killing targets and hurting members of The Boys when ordered to do so. His persona is somewhat different and more innocent than anything. It is also unclear if he is still the failsafe to Homelander’s temperament.

It appears that Black Noir is a different version of the TV Series, one which has less of a role compared to his comic version. It’s made clear that Homelander is the real evil superhero in the Tv series.

Black Noir Death In The Boys Comics

billy kills black noir

Billy Butcher kills Black noir in the comic series. It was almost too easy to just finish him off after Black Noir kills Homelander in a brutal fight. He was able to kill and dismember Homelander due to his superior strength but not without taking a savage beating himself, losing an eye, parts of his skull, and some appendages.

black noir kills homelander

This whole event transpired when Billy, Homelander, and Black Noir met and Black Noir revealed EVERYTHING about what he had been doing to Homelander all along. Homelander felt so enraged and furious that it triggered a fight between the two titans. This was in a way, a semi-vindication for Homelander, and finally squashes the beef between him and Billy Butcher.

Black Noir Death In The Boys Tv Series

homelander kills black noir

Homelander killed Black Noir by punching him in the gut upon realizing that he knew about Soldier Boy being Homelander’s father. It was a gut-wrenching moment since Black Noir didn’t really have a lot of connections with other people or superheroes, and also had good relations with Homelander.

His death was swift but brutal as the image depicts above – no big fights or brutal exchanges. This is one thing that surprised a lot of comics fans who expected something less anticlimactic than that – given how they changed some parts of the comic’s storyline.

Black Noir and Homelander Friendship

Black Noir being Homelander’s clone is consistent in both the comic and Tv series. They both seem to share a deep friendship and trust which is ironic when you think of how twisted both characters are. Homelander feels deeply betrayed in the Tv series and comic while Black Noir’s character is only really at fault in the comic.


Black Noir and The Boys TV series was toned down and understandably so. The comic version of the character was way too graphic even for Amazon standards. The series is still ongoing with a lot of new characters being introduced like soldier boy, who has a lot tied into the storyline. His being Homelander’s father is still a mystery as to how it’ll play out.

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