7 Remarkable “Superman Vs Omni Man” Details Decide The Outcome

7 Remarkable “Superman Vs Omni Man” Possibilities

Superman vs Omni Man

omni man vs superman

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In a fight between two of the most powerful heroes in the world, who would come out on top? The Superman vs Omni Man debate has been a contentious debate for years now. Both have very similar attributes and characteristics so naturally, people often engage in power-scaling thought experiments between the two titans.

In this blog post, we’re going to pit Superman against Omni Man and see who would win in a fight. We’ll take a look at their powers, skills, and support to see who has the upper hand. We’ll also take a look at their strategy and strength to see who would be the victor.

By the end of this post, you should have a good idea of who would win in a fight between Superman and Omni Man.

1. Attributes

Here we compare both their natural and innate abilities at the base level. Both are aliens which have god-like attributes when compared to humans. We believe both are dead even in the base-level versions of themselves.

Superman (Kryptonian)

  • Kryptonians have super strength, speed, invulnerability, hearing, and all bodily functions.
  • Recovers quickly under the Yellow sun and recharges his energy
  • Almost impervious to weapons and physical attacks.

Omni Man (Viltrumite)

  • Viltrumites have super strength, speed, invulnerability, hearing, and all bodily functions.
  • Viltrumites go stronger and more powerful with age.
  • Insanely durable versus physical and laser attacks.

We’re calling this dead even.

2. Resolve

superman vs omni man

Superman and Omni Man have polar positions when it comes to their motivations and beliefs. I give Omni Man the edge here if the battle transpires on earth. Omni Man has no qualms about collateral damage and will even intentionally hurt innocent people to prove a point. Superman, on the other hand, will always put the safety of people first to a fault.

Superman will be at a disadvantage if Omni Man knows about Superman’s weakness of always putting other people first. Omni man could use people as human shields or threaten to hurt them just so that he can gain the upper hand.

However, Superman’s willingness to sacrifice himself is something I cannot say Omni Man is willing to do for the Viltrumite’s cause.


  • Has very high morals e.g. fairness, justice, and preservation of human life.
  • Will fight to the death if he has to save humanity from all threats.

Omni Man

  • Will do whatever it takes to win. He will leverage anything that puts Superman at a disadvantage i.e. human shields, hostages, and going after loved ones.
  • Principles governing him revolved around Viltrumite proliferation exclusively.

Slight edge for Omni man, a very slight one.

3. Abilities

Both are absolutely equal regarding their base-level powers except for three things that only Superman possesses. Now if said abilities will make a difference in a fight between the two remains to be seen.

I’m giving Superman a very slight edge here.


  • Heat vision
  • X-Ray vision
  • Freeze Breath
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Speed and Strength

Omni Man

  • Invulnerability
  • Super Speed and Strength

4. Weaknesses

Both have their known weaknesses but Superman’s is more pronounced only due to the fact that’s been around for so long and so many comic books have been written about him. Omni Man is not spared from weaknesses but to what extent these weaknesses are is still uncertain.

I’m giving this to Superman simply because there are just so many areas of weakness to after in Omni Man’s case. Despite most of these vulnerabilities being obscure references to comics.

I’m giving Superman the nod on this one


  • Kryptonite exposure.
  • Loved ones or humans being held hostage.

Omni Man

  • Exploit Viltrumite hearing and throw them off balance or hurt them, Robot also built robots designed with harmonic feedback to do that very thing. e.g. Ex-Soldier mutant robot from Season 1
  • Scourge Virus wiped out the Viltrumites almost instantly.
  • Rognarr Aliens have been known to mangle and kill Viltrumites.
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Space Racer’s Gun

5. Biggest Wins

Here we show their most popular victories against formidable opponents as a benchmark to who each character can actually defeat in a battle to the death where the stakes are at their highest.

Superman has defeated Kryptonians, Superman Clones, Alien Gods, and versions of himself in parallel dimensions. Omni Man however has defeated tons of Viltrumites himself, his kid (lol), and Immortal (meh).

For quality and quantity, EZ Supes takes this.


  • General Zod and Company
  • Darkseid
  • Bizarro
  • Ultraman
  • Doomsday

Omni Man

  • Viltrumites
  • Supreme (crossover battle ended in a tie)
  • Invincible
  • Immortal and the entire Guardians of the Globe roster

6. Biggest Defeats

Now with every hero’s journey, there will come the occasional L. Both our heroes have their fair share of humiliating losses where they get their asses handed to them. Some closer than others, these colossal battles show that even the best of them have their bad days.

Superman on one occasion actually died, and worse, he was once “beaten” by Batman (lmao). This is a huge minus in our books and incomparable to being only close to death like in some of Omni Man’s epic battles. If you die, then you can be beaten, simple as that. Rematches don’t count too.

I reluctantly give this one the Nolan Grayson, A.k.a. “Omni Man”. Rules are rules.


superman vs doomsday

  • Doomsday
  • Batman (lol)
  • Darkseid

Omni Man

thragg vs omni man

  • Thragg

7. Keys to Victory

This section will probably anger a lot of folks but this is just for fun and based purely on our uninformed opinion. We are no comic experts and are just doing this for the fun of it.

We give the victory to Superman because there’s just more information to base power scaling on than with Omni Man. It’s not to say the latter has been beating bums (he did beat up his teenage kid) but it appears there are just a lot more unknowns to his overall durability.

With a slightly heavy heart, I give Superman the victory over Omni Man.


All things being equal, Superman can easily beat Omni Man simply because he has other tools in his arsenal like a Photonucleic recharge, Heat Ray vision, anger, and X-Ray vision. At some point, these will come into play and be the tiebreaker.

Omni Man

The only way I see Omni Man beating Superman in a fight would be using Kryptonite or taking his wife or kid hostage and then pummeling the lights out of everyone’s favorite Kryptonian.

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