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ESO Classes

eso classes

Welcome to the world of Elder Scrolls Online classes or ESO classes, where you can take on the role of one of the many unique and highly customizable classes. Whether you choose to become a powerful Sorcerer, a stealthy Nightblade, a strong Dragonknight, or an agile Templar, you will be able to experience the world of Tamriel in an entirely new way.

With a variety of weapons and spells at your disposal, you will be able to make your own mark on the land and forge your own legend. Embark on your journey today and explore the world of ESO!


eso sorcerer class

The Sorcerer is a magical class found in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is one of the four original classes available at launch, and it remains a popular choice for players. Those who choose to play as a Sorcerer will gain access to powerful spells and abilities that can be used to control the battlefield.

A Sorcerer’s main strength lies in their magical ability. They have access to a variety of different spells, from lightning bolts and fireballs to healing magic and crowd-control effects. These spells are very versatile, allowing Sorcerers to adapt quickly to ever-changing situations. In addition, they have access to powerful magical abilities known as ‘Soul Magic’ which can be used both offensively and defensively.

Sorcerers also have some defensive capabilities. They can summon pets that will fight alongside them in battle, or summon Daedric minions that will protect them from harm. They also have access to ‘Ward’ spells which can protect them from magical attacks. Finally, Sorcerers gain additional bonuses when using certain armor sets, making them even harder to defeat in combat.

No matter what situation they find themselves in, Sorcerers are well-equipped to handle it with ease. From powerful offensive spells and defensive wards to summoning pets and Daedric minions – Sorcerers have all the tools needed for success in ESO battles. With their versatility and resilience on the battlefield, it is easy to see why this class remains so popular among players of Elder Scrolls Online.


eso nightblade class

Nightblade is one of the three classes available in the Elder Scrolls Online game. It is a stealthy, agile class that specializes in dealing with fast, powerful damage from the shadows. As a nightblade, players can choose to focus either on ranged or melee combat.

What sets nightblades apart from other classes is their versatility and ability to adapt to different situations. One moment they can be sneaking around in the shadows, and the next they can be dealing devastating blows with their dual-wielding blades or using magical spells to take down enemies. Nightblades also have access to powerful defensive abilities, making them extremely difficult to defeat in battle.

Nightblades are not only skilled combatants but also experts at subterfuge and manipulation. They can use their knowledge of spells and illusions to deceive their opponents and gain an advantage in any situation. They are also capable of healing themselves and their allies with powerful restorative magics.

Overall, Nightblades make excellent adventurers for those who favor quick mobility and powerful offensive capabilities over defensive durability. With their unique blend of combat skills and magical prowess, they are well-suited for taking on any challenge that comes their way. Whether it’s exploring dangerous ruins or fighting off hordes of monsters, Nightblades always rise to the occasion with surprising results.


eso templar class

The Templar is a class available to players in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. This class focuses on a mix of defensive and offensive capabilities, making it an excellent choice for those looking to play a hybrid role in the game. The Templar is capable of using abilities from both the Restoration and Destruction schools of magic, along with having access to its own unique set of abilities. Additionally, the Templar has some powerful buffs and debuffs that can be used to help allies or hinder enemies.

At its core, the Templar is about protecting allies and punishing enemies. With powerful defensive spells like Rushed Ceremony, which grants a temporary shield that absorbs incoming damage, and Spell Wall, which reflects ranged magical attacks back at their source, it’s easy to see why Templars are often seen as the guardians of their allies.

On the offensive side of things, Templars have access to powerful spells such as Puncturing Sweeps, which deals damage over time while reducing enemy movement speed, and Solar Flare, which deals massive burst damage over a wide area.

In addition to these abilities, Templars also have access to several passive skills that improve their defense and offense even further. These passives include things like Illuminate, which increases your maximum Magicka pool by 10%, or Radiant Oppression which reduces the cost of all Templar abilities by 15%. These passives work together with active abilities to ensure that your character is always performing at its best.

Templars are a great option for those looking for a balance between offense and defense in Elder Scrolls Online. With powerful defensive and offensive capabilities at their disposal as well as numerous passive skills to boost their power even further, they offer players an extremely versatile experience that can easily be adapted to whatever situation arises. Whether you’re looking for tanking or dealing damage in PvE or PvP content alike – look no further than the Templar!


eso dragonknight class

The Dragonknight is a class found in the MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is one of the four available classes and is an ideal choice for players looking to be a tank. Dragonknights are masters of fire and use their powerful Magicka and physical prowess to take on their enemies.

When playing as a Dragonknight, you will have access to three types of skill lines: Ardent Flame, Draconic Power, and Earthen Heart. The Ardent Flame focuses on dealing damage with fire-based abilities while Draconic Power allows you to increase your defense through various defensive abilities. The Earthen Heart skill line allows you to summon an ally from the earth that can provide you with additional support.

One of the main advantages of playing as a Dragonknight is its flexibility when it comes to gear sets. You can mix and match different pieces of armor in order to customize your character’s playstyle. For example, if you wanted more defensive capabilities, you could equip sets that focus on protection or health regeneration. If your goal was more offensive capabilities, you could equip sets that focus on damage or critical chance bonuses.

Dragonknights also have access to several passive abilities that further enhance their combat capabilities. These passives provide bonuses such as increased movement speed when attacking enemies or reduced cooldown times for certain skills. All these passive abilities make the Dragonknight a formidable opponent in battle, allowing them to take on even powerful foes with ease.

Overall, the Dragonknight class provides players with great versatility when it comes to building up their characters for battle. With its variety of skills and gear options, as well as its selection of passive abilities, this class allows players to choose how they want to approach each situation in ESO without having to worry about being limited by specific playstyles or equipment sets..


eso warden class

The Warden is the second class in The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. This class has a unique and versatile playstyle that allows players to customize their characters with a variety of options. Wardens have access to powerful healing abilities and defensive buffs, as well as strong offensive capabilities. They are great for both PvE and PvP content, making them an ideal choice for a variety of playstyles.

Wardens have three distinct skill trees: Animal Companions, Green Balance, and Winter’s Embrace. Each tree provides different abilities that can be used together to create powerful builds. The Animal Companions tree focuses on summoning creatures to aid in combat while the Green Balance tree emphasizes healing and damage mitigation. Lastly, the Winter’s Embrace tree grants bonuses to offensive power and resource management.

In PvE content, Wardens are capable of filling any role needed due to their versatility in skillsets. They can be built for tanking or DPS roles, depending on how players choose to use their skillset. For healers, they can use their Green Balance skills combined with their defensive buffs from the Winter’s Embrace tree to maximize heals and survivability. In PvP content, Wardens are excellent choices for tanks due to their damage mitigation abilities from both the Animal Companion and Green Balance trees combined with crowd-control tools from the Winter’s Embrace tree.

Warden is a great option for those looking for a balanced class that offers great flexibility when it comes to customization options. With its wide range of abilities across all three skill trees, this class is able to fill any role needed in group content or PvP battles with ease. Players can pick and choose which skills work best for them while still having access to powerful defensive and offensive capabilities no matter what build they choose.


eso necromancer class

The Necromancer is one of the five classes available in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is a powerful class capable of controlling and manipulating the forces of life and death. The Necromancer draws upon the elemental energies of life and death to cast spells, summon minions, and manipulate the environment around them. This class is particularly adept at crowd control, with abilities like summoning powerful undead minions or using their dark magic to weaken and debilitate their enemies.

Playing a Necromancer requires a different approach than other ESO classes. While many classes focus on direct damage or healing, the Necromancer excels at controlling the battlefield through the manipulation of both living and dead creatures. The Necromancer’s arsenal includes spells that can drain an enemy’s health, paralyze them in place, or even turn them into one of their own minions! This makes it easy for players to create strategies that will keep their enemies at bay while they take out targets one by one.

In addition to its impressive crowd control capabilities, the Necromancer also has access to unique defensive abilities like summoning spectral barriers or creating dark clouds that reduce incoming damage. These defensive tools can be used to protect allies from harmful effects or give them breathing room when overwhelmed by enemies. Furthermore, some of these defensive abilities can even be used offensively by sapping enemy health away over time.

The versatility of the necromancer’s arsenal makes it an incredibly versatile class for any play style. Whether you’re looking to control crowds or protect your allies from harm, this class has something for everyone! With its ability to manipulate both life and death energies to suit any situation, this powerful class can help you achieve victory no matter what lies ahead!


In conclusion, Elder Scrolls Online offers a wide range of classes to choose from when creating a character. From the magical Sorcerer to the wise Templar, each class provides unique skills and abilities that can help you succeed in your adventures in Tamriel.

The Nightblade is a master of stealth and assassination, while the Dragonknight wields flame and steel to overpower their enemies. The Warden focuses on nature magic and animal companionship, while the Necromancer brings death to their foes with powerful spells. No matter which class you choose, you can be sure that it will provide an exciting and rewarding experience as you explore all that Tamriel has to offer.

Each of these classes offers something different from one another, so it’s important to research and considers what type of playstyle would best suit your needs before committing to one. Take your time in deciding which class is right for you; it’s not only important for maximizing your enjoyment level but also for finding success in ESO’s vast world of possibilities.

No matter what class you choose, Elder Scrolls Online has something for everyone. With all these options available, there is no wrong choice when it comes to selecting a class – just pick whichever one appeals most to you! With its expansive content and exciting opportunities for exploration, ESO is sure to provide an unforgettable experience regardless of which class you decide upon.

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