A Breakdown Of All Types Of Hockey Betting On The Licensed Shazam Casino Platform

On Ice Bets: NHL And International Hockey Strategies Shazam Casino


Strategies, tactics and thrilling atmosphere – it’s all waiting for you in hockey betting, whether it’s the NHL or international competitions. Get ready to feel the adrenaline in your blood, empathise with your favourite teams and win at the same time with Let’s learn all the details about hockey betting together and find out which ones will lead you to victory on the ice!

Betting With Shazam Casino: Main Types Of Bets

One of the most important skills of successful hockey bettors is the ability to choose the right type of bet. This platform provides a variety of options, and in our Shazam Casino review we will start with the most popular method – Moneyline.


Moneyline betting is the simplest and most popular method in hockey betting. The essence is simple: try to guess who will be the winner of the match.

Given that the teams are not equal in their chances of winning, each team is assigned a Moneyline reflecting the probability of winning. Favourites are marked with a negative value (-), while outsiders are marked with a positive value (+). For example, if Toronto’s Moneyline is -150 and Buffalo’s is +120, Toronto is the favourite and you need to bet $150 to get $100 in winnings. If you decide to take your chances and bet $100 on Buffalo, however, you will receive $120 if you are successful. If you use the Shazam Casino no deposit bonus 2023, the benefit will be even higher.

Puck Line

Puck Line is hockey’s version of “goal differential”, where a given number of goals creates a handicap between teams. Since hockey is generally characterised by low scoring, the Puck Line is usually 1.5 goals, with the favourite at -1.5 and the underdog at +1.5.

For example, if Buffalo has +1.5 goals at -120 odds against Toronto, a bet on Buffalo will win if it wins or loses by just one goal. For betting on Toronto, success will only come if it wins by more than one goal. In both cases, a $120 bet will earn you $100 if successful.

60 Minute Line

60 Minute Line in hockey is similar to Moneyline but does not include overtime, offering bettors three outcomes: home win, away win or a draw. For example, if Buffalo is playing Toronto, bets can be placed on a Buffalo win in 60 minutes, a Toronto win in 60 minutes or a draw after 60 minutes.

Over/Under Bets

In hockey over/under betting at ShazamCasino, your task is to predict whether the total number of goals will exceed or stay within the operator’s set mark. In the NHL, ranges of 5.0 to 6.5 goals are usually set, depending on goalie changes or how well the teams match up.


Extra bets in hockey are considered entertaining as they cover almost every aspect of the game. They are not just limited to the final score and come in two forms: in-game and individual. For example, if you believe that Colorado will score the first goal of the game against Tampa Bay, you can place a bet on a game situation. If you believe a player will score two goals in that game, your bet would be an individual bet. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Shazam Casino no deposit bonus to reap even more benefits.


Parlays in hockey are for those who like variety and risk. In a parlay, you combine several bets into one, with the possibility of getting a bigger win.

For example, if there are eight games in an NHL programme, you can create a complex bet by including bets on the winners of each game and place one bet on the entire block. However, even if you guess 7 out of 8 bets, one wrong one destroys the entire accumulator. Complex bets usually have higher payouts, but all outcomes must be successful to win.

Grand Salami

This particular bet allows you to follow each game with an overall goal scorer, instead of betting on each match individually. 


Futures open up the opportunity to bet on future events in hockey, whether it’s the winners of the entire tournament or the title of individual winners. 

Live/In-Game Betting

Live betting at Shazam Casino online provides the opportunity to bet in real time. Betting during the game adds to the thrill of watching and results appear instantly. Odds can be updated quickly throughout the game. If you are confident that a player will score the next goal, place a live bet and enjoy the possible winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal To Bet At Shazam Casino?

Absolutely. The company operates legally and has an international licence, which creates a safe and secure platform for all players.

What Payment Methods Are Available At Shazam Casino?

The company understands how important flexibility in payments is, so after Shazam Casino login you will be able to use many different payment methods, including fiat and cryptocurrency.

Can I Play Shazam Casino From My Smartphone?

Yes, you can bet and play slots at Shazam Casino not only on your computer but also on your smartphone. The platform is optimised for play on mobile devices, giving you access to your favourite games anytime and anywhere.

How Can I Get Help If I Have Questions Or Concerns?

Specialised support service works all 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about the game, payments or any other aspects, the specialists are ready to provide you with prompt and useful assistance. 


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