Yujiro Hanma “The Ogre”: 5 Curious Secrets Revealed

yujiro hanma demon back

The first thing you should note about Yujiro Hanma is that he is an extremely self-centered man. He has a very low opinion of others and is quick to judge them.

His main goal in life is to be the best at what he does, which is exclusively becoming and being the strongest creature in the world. The fact that yujiro is a psychopath is not a secret. He is arrogant, cruel, and selfish.

He cares for no one but himself and his family. He is a narcissist, a liar, and a manipulator. Yujiro behaves no differently in his personal life as he does in his fighting career – this is most likely the reason he is aptly nicknamed “The Ogre” by people who have encountered him.

Yujiro is a solitary individual who cares for nobody but himself and his own interests.

Yujiro Hanma Stats

  • Height – 6’3
  • Age – 37
  • Weight – 120kgs
  • Hair Color – Red
  • Voice – Kenji Nomura

Yujiro Hanma as a parent

yujiro smile

In the show, Yujiro is often seen being a bit cold and distant toward his son, but it is clear that he is proud of him and wants him to be the best fighter he can be. As such, it is not surprising that he would want to see his son become a stronger person.

But all this is really just his deeply-rooted desire to find somebody that can challenge him to fight – he is breeding different women to create the perfect opponent.

Yujiro has stated to Mohammad Alai that he has fathered plenty of sons all over the world so there is really no indication of how many children he has.

In the Anime, only two people so far are confirmed to be his sons, these two are Baki and Jack Hanma, who was sired by different women. Both are extremely strong fighters like Yujiro and likewise would love to challenge their father for the title of the strongest in the world. 

Yujiro Hanma Origins

Yujiro’s father is Yuichiro Hanma, a legendary fighter who is just as, or even more powerful than him. The only caveat is that Yuichiro was a very cool-headed individual, and had a lighter persona than his son, Yujiro. He was just as feared and respected as a fighter but he was liked by many.

The stark contrast between their personalities makes one think about who would win in a fight between Yujiro Hanma vs Yuichiro Hanma.

But this is something we will never get to find out since Yuichiro had already passed. Details about Yujiro’s mother are unknown, but it is a possibility that his father had likewise fathered children from different women because of his legendary status during his prime.

Young Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma in his youth built his reputation by beating everyone in tournaments. He had gained such notoriety that he was deemed by the U.S. government as a security risk and had to send the U.S. military special forces to go after him.

All of them failed and as a result, they had to forge a treaty with Yujiro to prevent further devastation.

Yujiro Hanma Back

yujiro hanma back

Yujiro Hanma’s secret weapon is his unlimited cardio and ultimate power-up called the “demon back”. He unleashes this technique when up against equal, or fierce competition to gain an advantage. It is not clear whether this power comes from the devil is unclear, but it is rumored that there is more to its origins than what is revealed in the manga.

Yujiro Hanma Known Friends

Biscuit Oliva

yujiro and oliva meet

Despite the fact that Yujiro is a solitary person who acts like a lone wolf and is only interested in his own interests, he also has friends he respects.

One person he is known to be friends with is named Biscuit Oliva, a likewise muscled American fighter who fought Yujiro briefly as they ran into each other in a Drug Cartel Boss mansion.

Oliva went for the first strike after some short pleasantries, but Yujiro was able to dodge and then launch a kick to the face, hitting Oliva square but barely injuring him.

yujiro kicks oliva

Both fighters seem to like and respect one another due to their fiercely competitive nature. Oliva was elated that Yujiro knew who he was when they first met and that it was an honor to be called by his name by such a known fighter like Yujiro.

It was a bit clear that if ever they had fought, Yujiro would have Oliva’s number as Baki later on defeated Biscuit in a fair fight.

Yuu Amanai

yujiro vs all

Now, this guy impressed Yujiro the most after being the only person who slapped Yujiro flat in the face and lived to tell the tale. Yuu Amanai gets Yujiro’s respect for his fighting philosophy and principles, not his fighting ability.

In the Maximum Tournament Saga, Yuu Amanai fights Doppo Orochi, a Karate master, and begs the tournament officials to end the match after breaking Doppo’s knees. Yujiro, visibly upset with him, launches into the arena and picks Amanai by the hair, and throws him to the wall.

Yujiro is then confronted by the fighting participants, which then infuriates Yujiro enough to go after the group of fighters and kick all their asses.

Yujiro Hanma Known Rivals

Being the strongest creature in the world does come with its dangers. Every fighter in the world strong enough to pose a threat covets the same title that Yujiro was bestowed.

Officially or unofficially, many potential threats lurk around him that wish they get a shot at beating him, this even includes his sons Baki and Jack Hanma. Another one is Pickle who is a prehistoric human thawed back to life from the arctic. 

  • Yuichiro Hanma
yuichiro hanma

Yuichiro is Yujiro’s father. His personality is the opposite of his son but he was equally a legendary fighter during his time. Considered to be the strongest during his era, Yuichiro was known to be a caring and compassionate individual who did not despise the weak, unlike his son Yujiro.

Yuichiro was the first to do battle against the U.S. Navy and beat them singlehandedly.

  • Pickle
pickle hanma

Pickle is a prehistoric human thawed from a glacier in Antarctica. He was brought back to life millions of years in a cryogenic state to be used as a secret weapon and is believed to be comparable in feats and strength to Yujiro. He is rumored to be a hedge against Yujiro in case he went against the U.S. government again.

  • Miyamoto Musashi
musashi miyamoto

Miyamoto Musashi is a reanimated version of the legendary Japanese warrior swordsman of the feudal era. He was cloned from the corpse of the legendary fighter and infused with its soul to perfectly recreate him complete with all his skills and past memories. It is unclear why he was brought back to life but it somehow ties in with Yujiro’s status as having no clear opposition.

  • Sukune Nomi
sukune nomi

Sukune Nomi is a descendant of Nomi no Sukune, a legendary sumo wrestler. He once fought and got the respect of Yujiro in the manga by staying conscious after suffering a massive beating by Yujiro. His seemingly muscular physique and youth make him one of Yujiro’s most formidable potential opponents in the future.

  • Jack Hanma
jack hanma

Jack Hanma is one of Yujiro’s sons. He is extremely huge in size and also possesses the famed “demon back” of the Hanma bloodline. He has lost to Yujiro and Baki in their encounters but still remains very formidable and could be a potential threat to Yujiro’s title as “world’s strongest creature” in the near future.

  • Baki Hanma
baki hanma

Baki vs Yujiro fights are always exciting to watch. Although currently Baki possesses the famed “demon back” being a Hanma descendant himself, but can’t seem to get over Yujiro’s experience and sheer power.

However, in the manga, one Baki vs Yujiro fight had Baki winning as declared by his father. He didn’t really beat Yujiro but seemed to have vastly improved in both technique and power which impressed his father. Who knows, in the near future we can witness Baki finally achieve his goal of surpassing his dad.

  • Kaku Kaioh
kaku kaioh

Kaku is a supreme grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo. He battled toe-to-toe with Yujiro and held his own for a while until Yujiro activated his Demon Back and regained the advantage. It is unclear if Kaku had another trick up his sleeve but his loss seemed more like his old age catching up to him than Yujiro outclassing him.

Doppo Orochi

doppo orochi vs yujiro

Doppo Orochi was one of the first ever to give Yujiro the business. A grandmaster of Japanese Karate, Doppo is known to have physically matched up well with Yujiro, even hurting “The Ogre” at some point, before switching into Demon Back mode and getting annihilated by Yujiro’s supreme power and strength. His name will always be remembered alongside Yujiro as being one of the very few people who gave Yujiro a real contest.


Yujiro Hanma is one fascinating character. He probably outshines the titular lead character in every metric of the series. The manga has had some great fights which haven’t occurred yet in the latest Baki series on Netflix and it has got fans aching for Baki vs Yujiro.

Yujiro will always be the popular anti-hero of Baki and it would be great if he settled the score between some of his rivals, including both his sons.

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