Top Tips For Kickstarting Your Streaming Career

With the rise of eSports and MMOs, it seems like everyone nowadays wants to be a Twitch streamer. But don’t be fooled by how effortlessly favourite streamers jump online and generate large audiences. Streaming is actually hard work, and those looking to go pro are often required to put in hours every day in order to build up their following and their audience.

But for those looking to take on this endeavour, you’ll find plenty of enrichment and enjoyment along the way. And to help, we’ll be sharing some top tips that’ll see you build up your subs in next to no time at all, and building a gaming set-up that’ll surely spark envy on the interwebs.

Read on to learn more about how you can start getting serious about your streaming career.

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The Need for Speed: High-Speed Internet and Gaming Gear

When it comes to online gaming, milliseconds can quite literally make all the difference between losing and winning. That’s precisely why many consider the preliminary step to kickstarting your streaming career as simply investing in all the right technology and gear. This means using fast ethernet cables to wire up your set-up, as well as adding low-latency monitors, keyboards, mice, and other essential equipment.

Fast networking equipment is vital for gaming and streaming. Using wired ethernet connections for all your devices will also help further bolster your network connectivity and speeds, as well as remove any concerns of lag caused by Bluetooth connections. Ethernet connections are specifically engineered to rapidly transfer data, minimising delays and guaranteeing a seamless online experience. Enhancing your gaming experience requires pairing top-quality gaming equipment, including powerful CPUs and graphics cards with fast ethernet cables.

But just as a slow or unstable internet connection will frustrate you and deter your success in eSports tournaments, so too will using the wrong gear, or gear that isn’t suited to your playing style. So be sure to think about whether you’d be more likely to play at your best on a keyboard or controller. You may even opt to invest in both so you can use your gaming controller for select games and your mouse and keyboard for others.

Finding Your Niche in eSports and Streaming

You may or may not be surprised to hear that finding your niche is essential to establishing yourself as a streamer in what’s already an oversaturated industry. The best foot forward here is to simply engage with all the emerging trends in eSports and find any that pique your interest or (better still) spark your imagination. After all, this modern industry does provide streamers and hobby gamers alike with a fair array of activities to select from, ranging from competitive gaming to streaming, coaching, and other forms of content development. Streamers may also opt to explore various themes and genres, building a career solely by playing horror games and filming their unique reactions, for instance.

Think about finding a specialty that coincides with your skill and passion to stick out and establish a loyal audience. And once again, engage with industry developments in order to discover where your talents and emerging interests happen to overlap. Chances are, this is where your best chances for success reside, whether you’re a gaming guru, a method specialist, or a passionate pundit.

Learn The Ins & Outs of Your Streaming Platforms & Chat Apps

Of course, streaming is about so much more than just hitting that ‘GO LIVE’ button. The best streamers establish patterns to their weekly streaming and online activity. They also develop their own ways of filming and editing their videos, alongside also establishing their own ways of communicating with their fanbase. This means potentially building up your social media channels of choice or even starting up some Discord channels or tailored threads. 

And on top of all of this digital outreach, streamers are also encouraged to spend their first few weeks or months on the job simply learning how to stream on Twitch and any other platforms they’re looking to livestream on or even upload their videos onto following a live stream. Learn how to navigate the chat functions in these apps and how to add visible overlays and alerts to your videos to ensure that your audience can feel engaged and even invited to participate in your stream. 

On the topic of engagement, it’s also a good rule of thumb to do a little research into video and audio editing software, look into the best microphones and headsets, and most importantly, learn what video settings work best for your streaming style and your gaming space. Consider lighting, camera resolution, FPS, and all other settings that will undoubtedly impact your stream quality. Better production value will naturally attract a larger audience.

Building Your Personal Brand As A Streamer

The final tip we’ll leave you with may feel much the same as ‘finding your niche’, but it’s important to keep in mind that even your niche (i.e. horror gaming, Minecrafting, etc.) will have its fair share of competition. That’s why it’s imperative that you build your own distinct brand as a pro streamer. Crafting a strong identity will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but it’ll naturally also help your target audience connect with you on a deeper level.

Here are just a few things you’ll need to consider when developing your own personal brand as a streamer:

  • Determine your distinct style (in gameplay and commentary)
  • Determine your core ideals and values
  • Create a unified visual identity with logos, overlays, and colour schemes
  • Find your communication style when interacting with your audience
  • Show off your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field/niche

Remember too, that your brand can evolve just as you do. If you start to feel like you’re presenting yourself inauthentically online, then you should feel free to amend your brand so it’s more true to you as you grow older. Being forthright and celebrating change will likely also make you more relatable to your audience, and ensure that your streams still feel compelling to them as they themselves change and grow. You can’t please everyone, so you might as well just set out to please yourself! So long as you’re happy with your career and its trajectory, you will still be able to enjoy your streaming career in the long term.

Crafting a Successful Career Path in eSports & Streaming

Esports and streaming can be more than pastimes; they can also be lucrative careers. And when it comes to becoming a streamer, you’ll need a lot more than just a passion for gaming. You should also embark on this endeavour with the intention to build something. Setting clear career objectives and actively accomplishing them is critical for turning your passion into a vocation.

And remember that investments in video/streaming technology and gaming gear are critical to expanding your profession. These expenditures improve your ability to create high-quality content and engage with your audience, eventually leading to partnerships, sponsorships, and other revenue-boosting opportunities.

So get to strategising before you get to streaming. In doing so, you’ll be able to equip yourself with the strongest possible chance of making it to the big leagues – literally. 

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