How Tall is Dr Disrespect? 9 Surprising Facts About Him

How tall is Dr Disrespect? According to him, he is a towering 6-foot-8 and many have doubted him over the years. In his H3 podcast interview, even Dr. Disrespect himself has said that he is the same height as the highly qualified Dota 2 player known as “Saksa”. 

Outside of the look of the character, Beahm is a well-built Caucasian male who is 1 foot 2 inches taller than Tyler1, a famous American League of Legends player. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can happen after a person experiences a traumatic event, causing them to feel fearful, anxious, and disconnected from others.

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How tall is Dr Disrespect?

Dr Disrespect is 6-foot-8. When someone says that Dr. Disrespect is tall, they’re pretty much doing the furthest thing from exaggerating. The Doc’s daunting stature The Doc has maintained over the years that he is 6 foot 8 inches tall and many have doubted him. 

In his video “6’8″ and still growing”, Dr. Disrespect stated that he had recently been measured by a physician and was 6’8″. AaronnotAaron • 6’1 | 186cm Dr. Disrespect is known to exaggerate from time to time. 

So, when he frequently claims he’s 6-foot-8, it’s easy to believe he may be fudging the truth a bit. However, based on recent evidence, it appears as though The Doc may be telling the truth about his height. In his video “6’8″ and still growing”, Dr. Disrespect stated that he had recently been measured by

Dr Disrespect Real Name

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Dr. Disrespect is one of the most popular video game streamers in the world. His real name is Herschel Beahm IV, but he goes by the nickname Dr. Disrespect. He was born on March 10, 1982, in Encinitas, California. Dr. Disrespect is 1.8 meters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Dr. Disrespect is married to his wife, Heidi O’Neill, and they have two children together.

How old is Dr Disrespect?

Dr. Disrespect is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber who is known for his unconventional persona. He is 37 years old and was born in the USA on March 10, 1982. He rarely mentions his personal life, but we know he loves to play battle royale games. He is 1.8mt tall and weighs around 90kg.

Where is Dr Disrespect from?

Dr. Disrespect, who is commonly known by his online alias, was born on 10th March 1982 as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV in Encinitas, California. He is a well-known YouTuber and is often also referred to as ‘Dr. D’, ‘The Doc’, or ‘The Two-Time Champion’. 

Dr. Disrespect mainly streams himself in his fictional Champions Club Casino located in Los Santos and is known for his over-the-top arrogant persona. He has a black Lamborghini Aventador customized in a matte wrap with chrome accents which he often shows off to his viewers.

What games does Dr Disrespect stream?

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Dr. Disrespect is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, and he got there playing mostly battle royale games, such as H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Apex. Dr. Disrespect is a huge fan of first-person shooters and battle royales. 

So, it’s not surprising that his most streamed game on Twitch is PUBG. If you want to get chicken dinners like the Doc, here’s how he likes his games: “I like my games fast-paced and full of action. I want to be able to jump into the action right away and not have to worry about waiting for other players to catch up.”

Dr Disrespect Wife

dr disrespect wife

Dr. DisRespect does have a wife and children. He married his wife, Mrs. Assassin, back in 2013 while working at Sledgehammer Games. The couple has one daughter together. 

In 2015, they welcomed their second child but sadly suffered a miscarriage. Mrs. Assassin has been by Dr. Disrespect’s side throughout the ups and downs of his career, including his recent permanent ban from Twitch.

What did Dr Disrespect do before he was a streamer?

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Dr. DisRespect was an NCAA Division II basketball player before he stepped into the world of gaming. He worked at Sledgehammer Games as a community manager and was later promoted to level designer. 

Dr. DisRespect would then be born as he crafted an online persona after quitting his job in the gaming industry to become a full-time streamer. Before becoming a popular streamer, Beahm was a multiplayer map designer for one of the developers of the Call of Duty Franchise.

Dr Disrespect Net Worth

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Dr. Disrespect is a world-famous video game streamer who has amassed a huge following on Twitch and YouTube. It is estimated that he makes approximately $2000 every day from his streams, advertisement, sponsorships, and other sources of income. 

Guy Beahm has over 3.2 million followers on Twitch and close to 4 million on YouTube. With a $1.20 CPM, Dr. Disrespect would be close to earning over $8,000 per month from YouTube alone which would net him $96,000 every year. 

According to SportsKeeda, before the Two-Timer was banned from Twitch, he earned an estimated $30,000 to $35,000 a month just from Twitch donations and subscriptions alone. This means that Dr. Disrespect’s net worth in 2022 is predicted to be around $6 million.

What are some of the controversies surrounding Dr Disrespect?

Dr. Disrespect is a controversial figure in the gaming and streaming world and he has made his fair share of enemies over the years. Some of the controversies surrounding him include accusations of sexual harassment, racism, and cheating. 

Dr. Disrespect has also been banned from Twitch on more than one occasion, most recently in 2020. Despite all of this, he remains one of the most popular streamers on the platform and his fans are always eager to see what he will do next.


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