Gaming Addiction in Australia: Understanding the Risks and Consequences

Motivating people to gamble

First, let’s look at what motivates people to gamble. After all, no one ever starts gambling with the intention of developing a gambling addiction. However, gambling addiction may develop in anybody, regardless of their socioeconomic background or the quality of the relationships they maintain with their peers, and anyone can develop it at any time.

The following is a list of the five first triggers that gamblers experience most frequently.

gaming addiction

Interaction with society

Gambling, when done with others, offline or live, can be an enjoyable way to spend time with others, whether it is a group of people going to a sporting event and betting, a few people playing poker at a friend’s house, or a huge group gathering at a casino to play slot machines, or a group of people gathering around a table at an online casino for their favorite table game. All of these scenarios involve spending time with other people.


Some people find that the possibility of winning real money while playing video games adds an extra level of excitement. Therefore, they visit online establishments and gamble in real time. Gambling outcomes are notoriously unpredictable, which piques our inborn sense of adventure and satisfies our need to push our boundaries. People are drawn to continue gambling simply because they believe there is still a chance for them to win anything, despite the fact that they may have already lost a significant amount of money. The higher the stakes, the more money that might be lost, but the more exciting the bet will be.


Gambling is seen by a lot of individuals as nothing more than an enjoyable hobby that may be done in one’s leisure time. During the COVID-19 epidemic, a lot of individuals relieved their boredom and overcame the social isolation they felt by participating in online gambling. This was done as a result of the lockdowns and other precautionary measures that were taken.

When a person develops a predisposition for gambling, their usual interests and hobbies start to look dull in comparison to the excitement and excitement they get from gambling. This is due to the fact that they are not receiving a sufficient amount of the feel-good chemical dopamine, which may be obtained in large quantities through gaming.

Relieving emotional overload

Gambling is an avenue that some people resort to when they are looking for escape from their stress, anxiety, or hopelessness. Another interpretation of this phrase is “taking the edge off,” which refers to the calming effect that many individuals experience when they sit down with a beverage at the end of a long and stressful day. The major objective of treatment for compulsive gambling should be to assist the gambler in recognizing the underlying feelings that are the source of their conduct and developing strategies for coping with those feelings.

Resolving financial problems

Even though everyone who gambles does so with the intention of winning some additional income, some people who are financially tight could gamble in the misguided notion that they can quickly and easily fix their condition if they only win large. This is because everyone who gambles does so with the intention of winning some additional cash.

Keep in mind

Everyone who has ever entertained the thought of trying their hand at gambling first and foremost has to understand that it is nothing more than a kind of entertainment and a way to pass the time. The following is a list of advice that can help you keep your gaming under control and steer clear of addiction.

Responsible Gaming with Rich Palms

Rich Palms Casino is a gambling place in Australia that strives to provide its customers with a safe and quality service. The company itself adheres to the rules of fair play and expects its customers to play consciously and honestly as well. The main goal that the online casino puts first is to play for fun. On the casino’s website, you can find a section where you can read in detail about the topic of responsible gaming, learn about all the risks and how to deal with them. Here we will also look at the top tips for players to avoid negative consequences and addiction to the game. 

Tips for self-control

Gambling may be a stressful activity, but the employees at Rich Palms Casino have done research and come up with a set of guidelines that, if adhered to, will help customers keep their cool and have a more pleasurable experience overall. Studies have found that only a small percentage of people are prone to addictive gambling. More often, those players who crave quick and easy money suffer. They most often cannot stop in time and just enjoy the game, without the pursuit of winnings. Here are a few tips that, if done correctly, will help you keep your sanity and avoid adverse outcomes:

  • Above all, remember that gambling entertainment is just a way to fill your free time and enjoy the game. Participation in the game should be for fun rather than with the intention of winning money;
  • You must be responsible for your own funds. Don’t spend more on games than you can afford. Determine for yourself a budget that you are not sorry to lose if you lose, and that will not hit your budget. And do not exceed it under any circumstances;
  • In addition to the money limits, you must set yourself a time limit, so as not to gamble. Sometimes the game is very addictive and you can start playing beyond the possible allowable time. This can be to the detriment of your work or time spent with family and friends. Also, spending so much time gambling can also lead to addictive gambling;
  • Since the law prohibits gambling under the influence of alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or when you suffer from chronic exhaustion, you should never gamble when you are sad, anxious, or intoxicated. Be responsible;
  • If you yourself feel that you have become addicted to gambling and cannot stop in time, or notice it for your loved ones, immediately seek help from the competent specialized organizations.

With these simple tips, you can always control your game and treat it as entertainment. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, just let our managers know what’s going on, and they will make sure that you get the assistance you require.


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