6 Reasons For You to Open CS:GO Cases at Farmskins in 2023

farmskins review

Farmskins Review: Unique Cases, Case-Opening Battles, and Skin Upgrades 

Are you tired of the same old Steam cases? will take you out of this boring routine! On its website, you’ll find 50+ unique cases with pricey skins, including knives, gloves, AWP Dragon Lore, etc. 

But that’s not all Framskins offers: Case Battles, where you fight with other openers, Skin Upgrade to transform your items into better ones, and a Gaben’s Store to purchase new skins for the bonus currency. Today, you’ll know how these elements will turn your CS:GO inventory into a digital treasure.

Unique Cases 

Farmskins strives to stand out from other case-opening websites. That’s why they work on creating new unique cases. Currently, you can find more than 50 fresh skin boxes at their site. Such include:

  • Battle Cases: featuring items corresponding to CS:GO maps and playstyles (sniper, support, etc.);
  • CS:GO Legacy Cases, which are the recreation of unavailable old CS:GO cases (Prisma, Recoil, Horizon cases, etc.);
  • Streak Edition Cases: Expensive boxes with top-tier items (Covert – Rare Special  item qualities);
  • Farm Cases with the best skins for a particular weapon (AWP, AK-47, etc.);
  • Limited Edition Cases: unique offers for the limited period, featuring unexpected combos of expensive skins;
  • Classic Cases: feature items with specific weapon qualities, gloves, knives, and the famous Gungnir Cases full of $500+ items.

What’s more, Farmskins constantly refreshes its case selection. So if you are its client, you will never run out of new cases to open. 

Case Battle

Bring a competitive element to your case opening with the Farmskins Case Battle feature. It lets you fight other openers by wagering CS:GO cases. Each wagered case is opened, and its drop is added to the total prize pool. The competitor with the larger one prevails in the contest. Should you succeed, you claim all the revealed skins for yourself.

To participate in the Case Battle, create your room or join someone. There are two battle modes: for 2 and 4 players. So you can team up with the opener and fight other teams. The maximum number of cases to open (for 1 participant) is 30.

What’s also cool about the battle is that you decide which boxes to open, including those unique to the Farmskins. Create your own battling strategies based on that. Achieve your victories like nobody else.

Skin Upgrade 

Often, case openers get duplicated or low-value skins. They remain in their inventories for ages. But not at the Farmskins. 

With a Skin Upgrade mechanic, you can turn irrelevant skins into one. And what’s best about it is that you can select which skin to take in return. So you’ll definitely get something you prefer.

You can input up to 6 skins in the Upgrade tool. Then, Farmskins will calculate their total value. And you’ll receive a list of skins that are worth their value to choose from.

Gaben’s Store 

For opening any cases at Framskins (including within a Case Battle), with a 30% possibility, you get a bonus currency: Bullets. The number of Bullets you get depends on the case price.

You can spend the bonus currency in the Gaben’s Store. There, you can find cases to open or skins to purchase. Both these categories’ items constantly change. 

This means you’ll get new items for free just by opening Farmskins cases and getting bullets. And the best thing about it is that you can choose what to purchase. That’s an excellent way to get extra skins in your inventory

Gaben’s Giveaway

However, purchasing items is not the only thing to spend your Bullets on. You can also use them to participate in the item lottery.

When opening Gaben’s Giveaway page, you’ll see a couple of items. You can get them. But to do it, you must pay an entry cost: a certain Bullet number. And then, you will become one of the 400 participants in their draw. When the item timer runs out, Framskins starts the draw and chooses a random winner.

Giveaway items have much better value for their Bullet cost. But at the same time, they are tougher to obtain. So you can choose between an expensive (Bullet-wise) and safe option or the cheap and risky one.

Daily Bonus 

Farmskins rewards its customers with a free Daily Bonus box. It is a special case that gives you additional balance, cases, and skins. But you can get only one of those benefits per case. However, you’ll have time to obtain them all, as the Bonus Case is open daily.

Further, you can send obtained loot to your Steam Inventory. Or leave it at the Farmskins for the Upgrade.

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