5 Memorable Twilight Movies in Order

twilight movies in order

Twilight is a hugely successful movie franchise that is based on a book of the same. It’s helpful to know when to watch what Twilight movie to be able to follow the story properly. The best way to watch is to watch the Twilight movies in order of release which are:

How Many Twilight Movies Are There? Twilight Movies In Order

There are 5 Twilight movies in total from 2008 to 2012 namely:

  1. Twilight (2008)
  2. Twilight: New Moon (2009)
  3. Twilight: Eclipse (2010)
  4. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I (2011)
  5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II (2012)

Twilight Books

There are 6 total Twilight books but the movies feature only 4 out of the 6 total. These were written by Stephenie Meyer and the two books Midnight Sun and Life and Death have distinct characteristics which deviate from the movies. Then in 2020, Stephenie Myer announced that she was still writing 2 new books that are still part of the Twilight universe.

Twilight Cast

The main cast remains the same all throughout except say for the antagonists in a couple of movies in the saga. But the recurring cast members and their characters are:

  1. Kirsten Stewart as Bella Swan
  2. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
  3. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black
  4. Ashley Green as Alice Cullen
  5. Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
  6. Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale
  7. Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
  8. Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
  9. Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen
  10. Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley
  11. Mckenzie Foy as Renesme

Twilight (2008)

how many twilight movies are there

A young woman named Bella Swan moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father. She soon meets a mysterious and handsome boy named Edward Cullen. What Bella doesn’t know is that Edward is a vampire.

Although initially, Edward is reluctant to get close to Bella, as he is afraid of hurting her, they eventually form a close bond. As their relationship blossoms, Edward introduces Bella to the rest of his vampire family. Bella also meets a friendly werewolf named Jacob Black, who she eventually learns is also in love with her.

As the two men vie for Bella’s affections, she is drawn into the dangerous world of the supernatural. She must decide whether to stay with the safe and familiar human world or take a leap of faith and enter into a new life with Edward and his family.

The Twilight Saga quickly became a global phenomenon when the first book was published in 2005. The series has since gone on to sell over 150 million copies worldwide and has been made into a successful movie franchise.

New Moon (2009)

new moon

New Moon picks up where Twilight left off, with Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) Cullen enjoying a blissful life together. However, their happiness is short-lived when Bella is almost killed in a Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) attack. To protect Bella from further harm, Edward decides to leave Forks, Washington, taking the rest of the Cullen family with him.

Bella is left shattered by Edward’s departure, and she finds comfort in her newly-found friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). As the two grow closer, Bella starts to realize that there may be more to Jacob than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Edward is struggling with his own internal demons, and he is slowly coming to the realization that he may not be able to live without Bella.

This movie introduces Jacob’s lineage as part of a shape-shifting wolf pack clan who have been sworn enemies of the Vampires but have peacefully existed by way of a treaty. This creates a complex relationship between Edward, Jacob, and Bella. The movie also introduces a vampire named Victoria whose partner, Laurent, was killed by Jacob and his wolf family while trying to protect Bella from him. This enrages Victoria who vows to take revenge.

The Volturi is showcased in the latter part of the movie. It is an ancient organization of vampires who govern their kind. They have been made aware of Bella’s knowledge of their kind and have mixed feelings about her existence. They give the Cullens’ a choice – turn Bella into a vampire or she must be eliminated. This premise triggers the succeeding movies that will follow.

Eclipse (2010)


The story of Eclipse picks up where New Moon left off, with Bella ( Kristen Stewart) now torn between her love for Edward ( Robert Pattinson) and her friendship with Jacob ( Taylor Lautner). Edward is determined to keep Bella safe from the dangers of the vampire world, but Bella is just as determined to find a way to be with Edward. When Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) returns to Forks with an army of newborn vampires, Edward and Bella must put their differences aside to stop her.

The film follows Bella Swan as she develops a closer relationship with Jacob Black, a member of the Quileute tribe who turns into a werewolf. Edward Cullen disapproves of their relationship, though, and tries to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Victoria, a vampire from the rival Cullen coven, sets out to destroy Bella for revenge.

Breaking Dawn (2011) Part 1

breaking dawn 1

This movie picks up where Eclipse left off, with Bella and Edward getting married. The wedding is beautiful, but it’s just the beginning of the problems for our star-crossed lovers. Bella is determined to consummate her marriage to Edward, despite his warnings that it could be too dangerous for her.

Meanwhile, Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner) is dealing with his own issues. He’s still in love with Bella, but he knows that she’s chosen Edward and so he’s trying to move on. However, when he learns that Bella is in danger, he races to her side.

The real danger comes in the form of the Volturi. When they learn about Bella’s change, they see it as a threat to their way of life and they’re determined to put an end to it.

What follows is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Breaking Dawn Part 1 is a fitting end to the Twilight Saga and is sure to leave fans satisfied.

Breaking Dawn (2012) Part 2

breaking dawn 2

The final installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn (2012) is the second-to-last chapter in the saga. It follows the same format as its predecessor, with Bella and Edward fighting against the Volturi and their allies in an attempt to save their child. The series ends with an intense showdown between the two sides, which results in the deaths of several characters. The final chapter also brings closure to many of the series’ subplots, including those of the Cullens and the Renesme.

Breaking Dawn (2012) Part 2 is the second part of the final installment of the Twilight Saga, based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. The film follows the adventures of Bella and Edward as they hunt for a cure for Renesmee, the half-vampire child of Bella and Edward, who is the only one who can destroy the Cullen family, who are vampires. The film is a continuation of the first part of the saga, which focused on the wedding of Bella and Edward, and is based on the novel of the same name. It is the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, with a total of over $1.3 billion worldwide.

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