Is Elden Ring Worth Playing In 2023?

is elden ring worth playing in 2023

Is Elden Ring Worth Playing?

Launched in 2022, Elden Ring has surpassed many people’s expectations. Video game critics worldwide have given it ratings like 10/10 or 9/10. The ever-growing popularity of the game title also pushed it to be one of the ‘Game of the year,’ among other titles. As it became one of the best games of 2022, the question remains: “Is Elden Ring Worth Playing?”

Don’t fall for the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and hype (which is real for the game). We are bringing you some well-structured reasons for you to play the game. Furthermore, we also help you find answers to some commonly asked questions; click to get info. So, let’s begin!

There’s No Need to Catch Up With Other Dark Souls Games

Dark Souls is a well-known video game franchise. With so many installations, it still remains one of the top-tier games. Yet, so many titles and installations also mean you must catch up on the lore.

The same applies to many successful games today. If you like any one part of any installation of any game, you should play others, as well. But who’s got the time? And let’s be honest, do you want to try older consoles even if you have time?

Elden Ring is a new addition to Fromsoft Games. It doesn’t follow any of the stories of previous installments. Hence, it is not a prequel to the last games or a sequel. So, you can enjoy it without worrying about other Fromsoft Games.

It Is an Open-World Video Game to Explore

Fromsoftware, the company behind Elden Ring, has given us many games. There were Demon’s Souls, then Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, and it kept improving. Yet, open-world exploration is a concept we have recently seen in the last decade.

Elden Ring also takes advantage of the hype for the open world. You don’t have to stick to a rigid storyline and can explore freely. Of course, the game is not forgiving regarding the mistakes you can make—for example, trying to tackle a high-tier boss. But other than that, there’s a lot for you to do. As an open-world RPG game, you can customize your character and carry the story as you deem fit.

It Is a Highly Rewarding Games With a Lot to Explore

One of the best things about the Elden Ring is that there’s always something to find. You can explore new corners or woods to find a cave or dungeon with boss fights. Fighting the goons and low-tier NPCs will also give you something.

All the boss fights drop some great weapons and armor. You can even find combinations players consider ‘Meta.’ It is a combination of equipment that is too strong. Either way, for all the time you spend on the game, it is a truly rewarding experience. You will never feel anything less than a sense of achievement with the Elden Ring.

Adds Refreshing New Gameplay Mechanics

Elden Ring brings a refreshing new approach and formula to the well-known Dark Souls game. It has countless combinations of techniques, spells, armor, equipment, and more. You can customize your character according to the specific fighting style.

There’s even a new stealth style, which is unique, especially from the makers of Dark Souls. As there’s always something new for the players to do, you will never run out of creative ideas. This playful challenge to players, and your eagerness to try everything, make it totally fine for spending your free time. You will always find yourself invested in the game and the characters.

It Stays on the Mark of Being a Challenging Game

Despite being one of the open-world games, Elden Ring doesn’t forgive the players. It means that a single mistake can prove fatal for you. While it might not be as tricky for Dark Souls veterans, it is, in no way, an easy game. There’s no ‘easy mode’ in the game, either.

There are 100+ bosses for you available to fight in Elden Ring. And while some may feel repetitive, their difficulty and play style varies. This leads to a unique approach to the game. Even if you find meta combinations to defeat bosses, you will have to work hard.

It Offers Extensive Hours and Replayable Capabilities

How long will it take for you to finish the Elden Ring? It has a gameplay of 54-55 hours for a single run. But there are many other aspects. If you want to thoroughly explore the game, see everything and get everything, it will be 130+ hours long.

And while the actual run is around 55 hours, it will take anyone 70-80 hours to finish it with all the challenges. You will die, of course, or lose the battle. So, we are considering that, as well.

Another factor is that the Elden Ring is highly replayable. There are different endings, depending on the path you make your character choose. The game becomes more exciting if you also want to try different character builds and styles.

Can You Play Elden Ring Casually?

It is excellent if you want to play Elden Ring casually. But the game is so engaging that you will end up playing longer. Most casual gamers on Elden Ring can turn into long-term gamers. Still, if you want to enjoy it for refreshment and as a hobby, you can do that.

Elden Ring is a refreshing take for gamers tired of repetitive gaming with the same patterns and challenges. One of the best things you can do is play Elden Ring blind. With no idea of where you might end up, it is, even more, fun and immersive.

How Is the Lore of the Elden Ring?

The lore of the Elden Ring is exciting. There’s a reason it has received considerable praise. The game shows you a lot, helping you unravel many surprises. Each character, NPC, and even the bosses have a reason, and you can feel part of the game.

The lore plays a massive role in the game, making you feel connected. It will make you want more and feel like you’re part of a series or movie. Elden Ring does a great job of giving us laws that are rarely predictable and can even surprise you at times.

Where Can You Play Elden Ring?

The game launched on all three platforms. It is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can also play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series (X and S). Elden Ring is also available for PC players if you match the specifications.

Of course, the game isn’t available for free. You will have to buy it to play. But you can have a lot of fun when you do so.

Do You Need Help Playing Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an excellent game for single-player campaigns. As an open-world RPG game, you can enjoy it with other players in multiplayer Co-op. It allows you to tackle bosses as a team and take it down. You can also summon other characters while fighting the boss in a single-player run.

But you don’t need help completing or playing the game. There’s a community available online. So, if you’re in a pinch or find yourself lost, you can take their help. If you genuinely want to enjoy the game, it is better to navigate it yourself.

If you can solve and conquer it yourself, you will feel accomplished and rewarded.

The Bottom Line – Should You Play Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of the best video games available currently. It is on the list with games like God of War Ragnarok. If all your friends are playing this game, you might not want to miss out, not because of FOMO, but because you will miss exciting conversations and experiences with friends.

Similarly, if you want to have the feel of the Dark Souls game but don’t want to play old titles, it is a refreshing title. You will have as much fun, and you may find yourself trying other Dark Souls games later.

FromSoftware did say that Elden Ring is a fantastic start to a new franchise, which hints that there can be future titles, too. But until then, give the game a try and have fun. With all the intriguing aspects, gameplay, lore, and experience, Elden Ring is a complete game. You should play it once if you’re a gamer or have a gaming console.

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