Famous Craps Scenes in Movies and TV Shows

famous craps scenes

Craps is a game that has gained popularity with gamblers in decades, and it could be argued that Hollywood had a role to play.

The casino game might not have been portrayed as much as roulette, poker, or blackjack has on the big screen, however there have been numerous scenes in which audiences have been able to engross themselves in the action that takes place at the table.

A brief introduction to craps

With craps being a game of chance and featuring a number of different potential outcomes with the way it is played, viewers are able to be immediately gripped and eager to see what the outcome of the roll will be. The shooter – the player rolling – will be required to throw two dice at the same time and, depending on the type of bet that is made, will need to try and achieve a certain score as the two dice will be added together.

Seven is the most common score that can be obtained, as it can appear one-in-six times. With 36 different possibilities, it can be scored six times. In contrast, a score of 12 can only happen once, thus giving it a probability of 1:36.

Why have movies and TV shows featured craps scenes?

Gambling themes and activities have always been a hugely popular topic for directors to include in the stories that they create and depict on the big screen. As highlighted, they help to evoke emotion out of viewers, as they help to create suspense and tension in a natural way.

It could also be argued that there is a relevance with much of the world’s population. Many have participated in some form of gambling activity, and those that have headed to a physical casino establishment are likely to have enjoyed the game at one point. Of course, it is also possible to play online now, with the 32Red live craps option one of many available that has proven to be as authentic as the experience that can be enjoyed in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Which movies and TV shows have featured scenes with craps being played?

Unsurprisingly, many movies and TV shows have effectively utilized the game of craps as part of their plots. Listed below are just some of the most famous to have done so…

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen is perhaps one of the biggest examples of craps being used on the big screen as part of a movie’s plot. The game is identified as the way a talented team of individuals spearheaded by George Clooney are able to try and take the casino for it has after Al Pacino’s character conned his partner Elliot Gould. In order to cheat at the game, they use loaded dice, with the outcome of a 2 being bet on heavily.

Diamonds are Forever

James Bond films are no stranger to featuring games of chance, with many featuring casino games as part of their story. Diamonds are Forever decided to use craps as a way of enhancing the plot, as it saw 007 head to the casino to try and obtain insights about diamond smugglers. He encounters Plenty O’Toole, who is a popular shooter. O’Toole runs the casino and Bond acts as a victim in order to get what he came for.

Guys and Dolls

In 1955, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra teamed up in the movie Guys and Dolls. It was a film that was based on the illegal gambling scene that was taking place underground in New York City and had started to spiral out of control. Brando was depicted playing a game of craps in one of the film’s most iconic scenes as he was trying to save his girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, he is victorious and is able to marry her at the end.

The Big Town

Released in 1987 and featuring Matt Damon – an actor who is known to like gambling and has had his share of acting rolls involving games of chance – The Big Town is a film that is based on JC Cullen. He is a craps shooter that has been blessed with being able to hit big wins while at the table. As a result, he continually visits Las Vegas and manages to achieve a number of wins.

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