The Best Selling Games of 2023

Best Selling Games

Best Selling Games

The gaming industry gets bigger each year. According to statistics on the website Exploding Topics, which helps companies to identify emerging major trends before they take off, there are approximately 3.09 billion active gamers worldwide. This is over a billion more than seven years ago.

The popularity of gaming has created demand for lots of different genres, as gamers look for variety and engagement, and lots of genres have exploded and brought about some fantastic titles. One genre of gaming that has experienced a wealth of success has been internet casino gaming, and now rather than visit a physical establishment, people will visit online casinos for real money gaming. However, plenty of other genres and titles have flourished. Below is a look at some of the best-selling games of 2023 so far.

Hogwarts Legacy

“Hogwarts Legacy” is an open world, role-playing game (RPG) and the action takes place in the world established in the first Harry Potter novel, so if you’ve read this highly popular series of novels, some of the locations will feel familiar to you. Others will be completely new as the game mixes things up. The player is the central character and holds the key to an ancient secret that could blow the world of wizardry apart.

What makes the game so popular is that it caters to the basic need of fans: wanting to experience Hogwarts itself. The game is a labyrinth of puzzles and secrets, and the fact that the player can build their own character has delighted some reviewers. Simple aspects of the game such as wizard duels, looting and collectibles have met with approval from others.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Best Selling Games of 2023

“Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is the sequel to “Breath of the Wild” and reviewers can’t heap enough praise upon this instalment of the highly successful Legend of Zelda series. The game rewards any fan who invests their time and money in it with a wider variety of enemies, unexpected twists and more of Hyrule to explore.

As the hero of the game, Link, the player has to save Hyrule from the Demon King and also rescue Princess Zelda. Link, of course, returns with some new abilities, such as that of being able to craft new weapons and come up with creative ways of travelling across Hyrule. He can, for instance, put together vehicles and even bridges. If an object is above him and is solid, he can pass through it using the “Ascend” ability.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The story of one of the last surviving knights, Cal Kestis, rumbles on in this third-person action adventure game. The action takes place five years after the happenings of “Star Wars: Fallen Order” as Cal continues to make his stand against the Empire and prevents the galaxy from falling even further into darkness.

Reviewers have enjoyed little details like the rhythm of battles with droids and stormtroopers being dependent upon the character’s stamina, which drains with each strike and forces the character to retreat back to recuperate. The fact that the different worlds in the game are fewer than its predecessor but are more detailed has also earned some praise from reviewers. It’s a sign the designers have favored interactive quality and cinematic quality over quantity. Cal himself also comes with new Force-driven powers, which is a treat for fans.

Resident Evil 4

The remakes of “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3” meet fans’ expectations with aplomb, so it’s no surprise to see that the remake of the fourth Resident Evil also had fans reaching swiftly into their pockets. The makers have tried to preserve the essence of the original 2005 masterpiece, but have modernized the gameplay, reimagined the storyline and made the graphics even more vivid.

In the game, Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of the disaster of Raccoon City, has been recruited to track down and rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter. He traces her to a European village, but there is something wrong with the villagers. That’s how this survival horror game begins, and reviewers and fans alike are loving this high-quality remake.

One of the much-loved aspects of this fresh version of the game is Kennedy’s greater freedom of movement. He can move out of the way of attacks more easily but still keep his gun trained on a target. He can switch weapons almost instantly, thanks to a mere tap on the D pad. He can also crouch, which he wasn’t able to do before.

2023 has seen some big selling titles. If you’ve not played any of the titles above, why not give them a try? Other major selling titles in 2023 that you might like to try include “Dead Island 2,” “MLB The Show 2023” and “WWE 2K23.”

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