Best Duelist Agents in Valorant

best duelist agents

Valorant, the beloved tactical shooter game, is known for its diverse cast of agents, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Among these agents, Duelists stand out as the fierce warriors who thrive in combat situations. These agents are the sharpshooters, the entry fraggers, and the ones who make the flashy plays, and amazing clutche. The agents that can really make a difference.

Let’s explore the top duelist agents who dominate the Valorant battlefield.


Phoenix harnesses the power of fire to outmaneuver and eliminate his adversaries. His toolkit revolves around self-sustainability, with the ability to heal himself using his Hot Hands and Blaze abilities. His ultimate, Run It Back, allows him to respawn if he’s eliminated, making him a persistent threat in the round.

Gameplay with Phoenix:

Phoenix players should embrace a fiery playstyle, using their abilities to zone enemies or flush them out of cover. Timing is key when activating Run It Back, ensuring that a revival results in a successful trade. You have to be close enough so the enemies can’t run away from you. You also need to be far away enough in a secure location so they can’t kill you after respawning. In other words, it is a great Ultimate as long as you know how to use it properly. Phoenix’s self-sustain also encourages aggressive peeks and entry fragging. 


Jett’s agility and lightning-fast reflexes make her a formidable duelist. Her toolkit revolves around rapid mobility, allowing her to swiftly reposition and catch opponents off guard. Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm, equips her with deadly throwing knives that can eliminate foes with incredible precision. 

Her playstyle encourages players to be aggressive, darting in and out of engagements while delivering precise shots. There were a few nerfs to this agent that effected the dash ability, but Jett is still one of the best duelists in the game. Jet is also the most picked duelist agent on the Valorant pro scene

Gameplay with Jett:

Playing as Jett requires a keen sense of map control and awareness. Her Cloudburst ability can be used to block sightlines, while Updraft lets her ascend to advantageous positions. Duelists who favor Jett should focus on precision aiming and quick decision-making, seizing opportunities to take out enemies before they can react.


Reyna’s uniqueness lies in her ability to absorb the souls of fallen enemies to empower herself. Her Dismiss ability grants her unmatched mobility, allowing her to engage or disengage fights with ease. Reyna’s Leer ability can blind opponents, making them vulnerable targets. When her ultimate, Empress, is activated, Reyna becomes an unstoppable force, with increased fire rate and healing capabilities for every kill she secures. 

Reyna also received a couple of nerfs. When this agent first came out, she could heal herself up to four times. Now, she can heal only twice, but it is still overpowered. Due to the fact that she can overheal, no matter how much HP she loses after a duel, as long as she survives, she can get back to 150 HP. Unlike Jett, Reyna is the most picked in the world (but not in the pro scene).

duelist agents

Gameplay with Reyna:

Playing as Reyna demands a certain level of confidence and aggression. She excels in one-on-one encounters, thanks to her self-sustain and ability to control engagements. To maximize her potential, players must secure frags to use her abilities, and even to keep her ultimate active by continuously applying pressure on the enemy team.


Last but not least is Raze. Raze’s love for explosions and chaos sets her apart as a duelist. Her explosive arsenal includes grenades, a satchel charge, and a rocket launcher. Her Blast Pack ability provides her with incredible mobility, while her ultimate, Showstopper, can obliterate multiple enemies with a single shot. However, the ultimate ability costs 8 Ult points and it’s relatively easy to waste it, if not used properly. 

Gameplay with Raze:

Playing as Raze demands a knack for creating chaos and disrupting the enemy team’s plans. Her explosive abilities can clear tight spaces and force opponents out of cover. Raze players should focus on map control and predicting enemy movements to maximize the impact of their explosives.


Valorant’s duelist agents each bring a unique set of skills and playstyles to the game. Whether you prefer the agility of Jett, the self-sustainability of Reyna, the fiery prowess of Phoenix, or the explosive chaos of Raze, mastering these agents can elevate your gameplay and make you a formidable force on the battlefield. Experiment with these agents, refine your dueling skills, and become a true Valorant duelist extraordinaire. Remember, in Valorant, the duel can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

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