7 Best Arms Dealer Movies Like War Dogs

Best Arms Dealer Movies Like War Dogs

Lord of War opened the way for arms dealer movies to be a thing. Nick Cage did such a great job that Hollywood somehow needed to do another. Movies like War Dogs will always be a good option for them since it has many elements that have been tried and proven. Honestly speaking, there are only a very handful of movies in this genre that are any good. If you see a couple that looks like a stretch, it probably is. Let’s begin!

Hollow Point (2016)

hollow point

In a film that is largely about vigilante justice, Hollow Point has its share of violent action, but it also has a few things to say about the U.S. justice system. The cast gives their all, and director Daniel Zirilli films the action well. Hollow Point is a sequel to Street Kings (2008). If you enjoyed that movie, you’ll definitely like Hollow Point. If not, there’s still time to catch it in theaters.

The film, Hollow Point, is an action thriller that centers on vigilantes who seek to avenge their victims. The film is chock-full of violent acts, from rape to beatings until characters are bloodied and bruised. This may be exactly what many people are looking for in a movie. However, the film does get a little too violent for my taste. Despite the movie’s themes, I enjoyed Hollow Point.

White Boy Rick (2018)

white boy rick

Directed by Yann Demange, who has previously directed ’71 (2014) and Dead Set (2006), White Boy Rick is an attempt to bring the crime drama to the big screen. Like those films, this one explores the criminal underworld of Detroit, but the film falls short of Goodfellas’ high production values and well-balanced performances. The film isn’t without its faults, however. The film’s slow pacing and unpleasant cast make for an uneven viewing experience.

The story follows a young man named Richard Wershe Jr. who lives in a suburb of Detroit, and his older brother Rick (Richie Merritt). During a period of turmoil, Rick gets involved with the FBI, selling drugs and guns. The film shows how Rick becomes embroiled in a maze of corruption among police, gang members, and federal agents in 1980s Detroit. In this film, a young man whose family is not wealthy decides to use his father’s money to buy drugs and is recruited by his brother to sell drugs.

While the movie does have a positive message about the ramifications of Reagan’s drug policies, it fails to deliver a powerful one. The film is filled with overcast skies and scenes of underprivileged Detroiters, highlighting the life and struggles of these people. The cinematography, directed by Tat Radcliffe, alternates between handheld and slick styles. This style is effective in presenting the story’s many layers but does not succeed in convincing the audience of its significance.

Jackie Brown (1997)

jackie brown

When Jackie Brown gets on a plane, it’s not like she’s just strolling. She greets the passengers and the audience. But as the plane lands, she suddenly breaks into a jog. Her sudden frantic pace has less to do with catching the plane than with feeling as though she’s running out of time. It’s a quick transformation from confident walker to hurried runner.

This heist drama is a Quentin Tarantino film, which brings back several iconic stars of past movies. In the movie, Jackie Brown is caught smuggling drugs. She teams up with a Fed named Ray Nicolet and an L.A. cop named Mark Dargus. However, neither of them knows the name of the arms dealer. So Jackie must choose between helping the feds and letting the arms dealer die or risk a life of her own.

After releasing the film Pulp Fiction, Tarantino switched his focus to female-led films. With Jackie Brown, the director chose a character from Elmore Leonard’s 1992 novel Rum Punch. The two set up a drug ring together, and Jackie must decide whether she’ll protect her own back by doing what she loves or try to hide her business from her boss. While the movie was not as sophisticated as his other works, the characters are incredibly likable, and the ending is one of the best kisses in movie history.

Robert Forster, who played Max Cherry, was nominated for his role as a bail bondsman. The film also stars Pam Grier, who was known as Coffy in the past. Neither Fonda nor Forster would appear again in Tarantino films after this. The movie was a critical success and earned Forster an Oscar nomination. However, it was disappointing to see Forster reunite with his former girlfriend, but the two were still in love and their romance would last forever.

Free Fire (2016)

free fire

This weapons deal gone bad is set in the 1970s and is a scathing critique of gun violence. While the film is witty, it is also very inaccurate in its depiction of human nature. At the beginning of the film, Justin (Brie Larson) accompanies two Irish men to a warehouse where they are attempting to complete a weapons sale. The men are joined by hired thugs, including Harry, who recognizes Stevo from an earlier bar fight. The group engages in verbal banter, which only adds to the hilarity. However, once the weapons are delivered, the gang faces an unexpected encounter with snipers.

The script for Free Fire is reminiscent of a movie score, complete with verbal banter between the various characters, as well as a unique instrumental sound. Director Ben Wheatley conducts the visual flourishes while remaining unseen. Each beat in Free Fire is purposefully calculated to thrill audiences and evoke laughter. The characters roam to archetypal extremes, but they all have one goal in mind. The chemistry between Hammer and Taylor is superb, and the film is a must-see for lovers of tense thrillers.

War Dogs (2016)

weapons deal

While there are many comedy movies with the serious subject matter, “War Dogs” is a satirical and fact-based thriller directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover). The plot involves twentysomething arms dealers supplying weapons to Afghanistan. The film includes plenty of shooting, but little blood, and it often involves beatings. The two are basically gun smugglers to the highest bidder no matter where they are.

The film has some flaws, but its performances and wit make up for these deficiencies. The plot is predictable and the characters are largely unlikeable, but it isn’t dull. Jonah Hill’s performance is genuinely fascinating, and Teller’s performance makes him a standout. While the movie isn’t as affecting as its predecessors, “War Dogs” is still a fun and smart movie.

While a Scorsese-inspired movie, “War Dogs” is not as successful as the latter. It is too enamored with its arm dealer heroes, and the resulting scenes may cause moral whiplash. While “War Dogs” has references to films like “Goodfellas” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the story is less tense than these films and features a good performance from Jonah Hill.

Lord of War (2005)

movies like war dogs

“Lord of War” is a surprisingly gripping action thriller about the role of an arms dealer in a world war. Nicolas Cage plays an arms dealer, and Ethan Hawke plays an Interpol agent. Ninety percent of war casualties are killed by small arms or assault rifles. While nuclear missiles loom in the distance, the AK-47 is a real weapon of mass destruction.

The film’s cast is equally as polarizing. There are a few standout performances, with Nicolas Cage giving a sardonic, detached performance as Yuri, a ruthless arms dealer. As a gun dealer, he rationalizes his actions by saying that guns don’t kill people. He is counterbalanced by Jared Leto’s scheming, coke-head brother.

The International (2009)

arms dealer movies

The International is a film that delves into the world of financial crime. There is a complex dialogue about how banks can abuse the law and commit crimes and the film explores this with a realism that is both fascinating and compelling. The film ends with a memorable, albeit messy, shootout that makes it one of the most memorable movies ever made. However, the film does suffer from an overly complex narrative that may leave the audience wondering if the copy is missing important scenes.

Despite the excellent storyline and the strong cast, many have criticized the film’s lack of suspense. While the film isn’t a classic, it is still a good choice for action thriller fans. Written by Eric Warren Singer, The International stars Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, and Armin Mueller-Stahl. Reviewers have compared The International to All the President’s Men and other political thrillers. Still, most film critics agree that the film is well worth a watch.

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