DC Dark Multiverse 101: The Batman Who Laughs 

The Batman Who Laughs Explained

the batman who laughs

The Batman Who Laughs is a dark alternate version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse. He is the antithesis of the traditional Batman; a corruption of the character’s noblest ideals. He is a hybrid of Batman and the Joker, created when the Joker used his own laugh to infect Batman with a deadly toxin, transforming him into a warped version of himself.

The Batman Who Laughs is a vicious and powerful villain, seeking to spread chaos and destruction across the multiverse. He is able to manipulate and corrupt the minds of others, turning them into his own twisted minions. He is highly intelligent and resourceful, able to create powerful weapons and tools with ease. He is a master of deception and manipulation, often using his own twisted sense of humor to achieve his goals.

The Batman Who Laughs is one of the most powerful villains in the Dark Multiverse and is a major threat to the entire multiverse. He has assembled an army of powerful allies, including the Jokerized versions of other DC heroes, to help him achieve his goals. He is a constant nemesis of Batman and the Justice League and is always looking for new ways to spread chaos and destruction.

The Batman Who Laughs Origins

bruce wayne turns into the batman who laughs

The Batman Who Laughs is a dark version of the Caped Crusader from Earth-22 of the Dark Multiverse. In this world, the Joker learns of Bruce Wayne’s dual identity and kills a majority of Batman’s nemeses, including Commissioner Gordon. He then infuses a deadly dose of his own chemicals into thousands of Gotham’s citizens, taunting Bruce by killing their parents in front of them. 

In a heated battle between the two, Batman accidentally kills the Joker, releasing a highly potent version of the toxin into his own body. This powerful form of the chemicals transforms him into a hybrid of Batman and the Joker, combining Bruce’s physical prowess and intelligence with the Joker’s sadistic nature and wicked sense of humor. Sadly, Bruce finds that this process is irreversible.

The Batman Who Laughs is a terrifying force in the Dark Multiverse – one that can’t be stopped. He takes control of Earth-22, getting rid of his allies and turning his son Damian Wayne into a miniature Joker. He’s also enlisted the children infected by the Joker Toxin to serve as his Rabid Robins.

As the leader or right-hand man of Barbatos’ Dark Knights, The Batman Who Laughs assembles his army of mutated followers. His power is absolute and his minions are ready to wreak havoc on any who oppose him.

The Batman Who Laughs is a formidable foe and a powerful presence in the Dark Multiverse. His oppressive rule will not be easily overturned, and his reign of terror looks set to continue for some time.

The Darkest Night And The Batman Who Laughs

batman who laughs

The Darkest Night is an 8-issue comic series from DC Comics that was released in 2009. It features a story in which the seven Lantern Corps must join forces to battle an ancient and powerful enemy known as the Blackest Night. The Batman Who Laughs, a villain from the Batman universe, is one of the characters featured in this series.

He was created as a result of the events of the Darkest Night when a dark force corrupts the seven Lantern Corps with energy from the Black Lanterns. The Batman Who Laughs is a twisted version of Batman who is a master of manipulation and corrupting others with his dark influence.

DC Dark Universe and The Dark Knights

the dark knights

The DC Dark Universe is a shared universe of fictional characters, stories, and universes that are all part of the DC Comics universe. This universe is usually characterized by a darker, grittier tone and more mature themes than the traditional DC Comics universe. It has also been referred to as the “DC Black Label” or “DC Noir”. 

The Dark Knights

The Dark Knights are a group of alternate universe versions of Batman, each with their own unique origin story, motivations, and abilities. Their mission is to serve as a team to protect the multiverse from any threats it may face. They have been featured in various comic book series, video games, and movies. The Dark Knights have been known to use extreme measures to protect the multiverse and are often seen as the last line of defense against universal threats.

1. Dawnbreaker:

Bruce Wayne in this version of the Dark Multiverse was a young boy who was given the dark power of the Green Lantern ring. With his newfound power, Bruce became a dark knight and devoted himself to punishing villains in the most extreme way possible. His version of justice was more violent than the Batman of the mainline DC Universe, and he was willing to use the power of the ring to enact his own brand of justice. He has the power to create and control dark energy, as well as the ability to create powerful constructs and use them to fight crime.

2. The Merciless:

The Merciless was a version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who was driven mad by the death of his parents. He was a formidable opponent and became a brutal tyrant, ruling over his kingdom with an iron fist. He was armed with the god-like power of Ares, the god of war, and used it to crush anyone who opposed him. He was eventually defeated by the Justice League and sent to Tartarus, a prison in the Dark Multiverse. He has the ability to tap into Ares’ power, giving him superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to create powerful weapons and armor.

3. The Red Death:

The Red Death was a version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who was driven mad by his obsession with the Speed Force. He believed that the only way to save the world was to acquire the power of the Speed Force and use it to stop crime and injustice. To do this, he stole the powers of the Flash, becoming an amalgam of the two heroes. He has the ability to use the Speed Force to travel at superhuman speeds, as well as the ability to create powerful weapons and armor.

4. The Batman Who Laughs:

The Batman Who Laughs was a version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who was driven mad by the Joker’s toxin. This version of Batman had become an evil version of himself, embracing the darkness and using it to spread chaos and destruction. He was eventually defeated by the Justice League, but not before he had unleashed a virus that infected the entire multiverse. He has the ability to create powerful weapons and armor, as well as the ability to manipulate fear and darkness.

5. The Murder Machine

The Murder Machine is a robotic version of Batman created by the artificial intelligence known as Cyber-God. It was created by the scientist Dr. Helga Jace to be an unstoppable killing machine that could take out Gotham’s most dangerous criminals. 

Its origins can be traced back to the events of the Batman: Metal storyline, where Batman was forced to confront a new threat known as the Dark Multiverse. The Murder Machine was created to help Batman fight this new threat and eventually succeeded in destroying the Dark Multiverse.

6. The Drowned

The Drowned is a villainous version of Aquaman from the Dark Multiverse. It was created by the god-like being known as Barbatos, who used the power of dark magic to transform Aquaman into a monster that could take over the seven seas. The Drowned is a violent and powerful leader of the army of the dead and is determined to conquer the oceans and seas of the world.

7. The Devastator

The Devastator is an evil version of Superman from the Dark Multiverse. It was created by the mysterious being known as the Batman Who Laughs, who used the power of dark magic to transform Superman into a being of pure evil. The Devastator is an incredibly powerful creature that is determined to bring chaos and destruction to the world. He is determined to bring about the end of the world and has the power to do so.

The Batman Who Laughs Abilities and Weaknesses

Batman jokerfied

He has the same abilities as Batman, but with the nihilism of the Joker. His metal crown functions as a visor made of ‘Dark Metal’, allowing him to see people’s dark urges and fears, and manipulate them using their own fears. He has access to lethal weapons, including machine guns, knives, and batarangs.

The Batman Who Laughs is known to create a new version of the Secret Six using infected Justice League members. He has also used batarangs made of ‘Dark Metal’ that can bring out the worst version of the victim.

During the events of Dark Knights: Death Metal, The Batman Who Laughs gains the powers of Dr. Manhattan. He absorbs Wally West’s Manhattan powers, drastically increasing his power.

Like other beings of the Dark Multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs has a weakness to Nth Metal. This made Batman and the Joker ally against him, as he could never anticipate it.

How Was The Batman Who Laughs Defeated In The Comics?

the batman who laughs vs wonder woman

As the universe’s heroes united against the Darkest Knight, memories of their history together flooded back. Golden-clad Wonder Woman erupted from the ground to challenge the Darkest Knight, and the resulting battle spanned through time and space.

The Darkest Knight brought the fight to the start of creation, where he revealed the Hands would erase the universe if Diana did not surrender. Refusing to give up, she pushed him forward through time and into Earth’s sun.

As Diana watched the Hands arrive and her friends fight for survival- Batman resurrected his Bat-Family and foes, B-Rex and Batmage were brought back to life, and Lex Luthor sacrificed himself to save Superman from the Last Sun- she envisioned a fresh, vibrant universe and shoved the Darkest Knight into the sun, ending him forever.


The Batman Who Laughs is a formidable foe and one of the most compelling characters to ever come out of DC Comics. He is a symbol of the dark side of humanity and an example of the power of fear, chaos, and corruption. He has a unique ability to manipulate and corrupt those around him, making him a dangerous adversary. 

He is an embodiment of the dangers of unchecked power and a reminder of the consequences of unchecked ambition. His presence has left an indelible mark on the DC universe and he is sure to remain a major player in the DC mythos for years to come.


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