Creative Solutions to Common Challenges in Independent Filmmaking

challenges in independent filmmaking

Independent filmmaking has discovered how crowdfunding can change the lives of these professionals and make dreams happen.

But this only happens after a certain quality stage has been reached, and most importantly, the independent filmmaker has achieved some reputation. Let’s say a musician decides to make a few new music videos, but budgets are tight for whatever reason; if her or his work has already captivated the audiences somehow, money will eventually pour in.

But what about someone about to make their first work ever? Filmmakers with a cult of followers may enhance their budgets through modern crowdfunding, but what about grassroots-level filmmaking? Before your first work is out, you’ll have to be creative in terms of the artistic concept and the tools available to tell the story.

Keeping up with the latest technology can help reduce costs and enhance production. In the past, an independent filmmaker would have difficulty getting aerial footage. Still, in the drone era and the stock footage era, this is widely accessible at reasonable prices.

Juggling Different Roles

Independent Filmmakers often have to do a lot, pre-and post-production, creating the script, being the director, marketer, and sometimes the investor behind the work itself.

If any help is available, the crew’s first members will likely have to juggle different roles. While the situation is not ideal, having a few polymaths (or close to that) around can be interesting. Being involved with more than one part of the movie can often bring exciting insights that can positively change the course of production.

The Power of Stock Video

Stock photography has been a powerful tool for designers for years. As the capacity to shoot videos and upload /download them increased with the natural advancement of computational power and internet connections, stock video is now an exciting option for filmmakers.

The movie is certainly a desired work of art, but specific scenes may become problematic, either because they are secondary or because of the potential costs involved.

If a scene becomes an expensive or unimportant chore compared to other duties when making a movie, the independent filmmaker can save money, time or both when using quality stock footage options available these days.

Licensing and stock video

One of the advantages of using stock video is the clear licensing options available. There’s no gray area when acquiring the work in question, and the filmmaker will know exactly what can be done with a specific plan to download stock videos.

Usually, these uses vary greatly, ranging from ‘light’ commercial use to 100% copyright ownership. Each seller of pre-made footage will allow the work to be sold in specific ways. Still, the exciting aspect for independent filmmakers is the precise organization of the licensing system.

Summary: Independent Filmmaking

Independent Filmmakers have to juggle to make the most of their budget and keep up with the freshest tools available. The stock video business, which can cut costs immensely, should thrive in the coming years as creating AI-generated videos with a copyright can help them with specific needs.

The first work of a filmmaker is always the trickiest one. Still, after creating a small cult of followers, it’s also possible to try some crowdfunding to help the work get some scale and become a hit that doesn’t require external financing to keep seeing the franchise grow, for example.

Stock photography changed modern digital design, and stock video, the freshest incarnation of these databases has what it takes to become the biggest ally of independent filmmakers.

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